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USA visit visa

The United States is a large country of the developed world which has different types of topography and natural beauty.
This country attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world for sightseeing.
The US has different and amazing attractions for overseas visitors like fantastic scenery, excellent wildlife, best beaches, classic mountains and many more.
This country has marvelous living standard and peaceful working environment.
The natural beauty of this country and best facilities pull the international tourists to visit this country and enjoy the environment.
This country demands a legal document in the form of visit or tourist visa from all foreign visitors after landing in this country.
There are two types of visit visas are available for this purpose like B1/B2 visa.
These visas are specifically designed for tourism, visiting friends and family, business consignments, social events celebration, etc.
The United States is that country which attracts more visitors after France because of fantastic provided facilities.

United States B1/B2 Visit Visa:

The United States usually issues B1 and B2 visit visas for visiting this country.
However, B1 visa is usually issued for business deals, consignments, but B2 visit visa is awarded for medical treatment, checkup or organ transplantation.
The US normally release B-1 visit visa to visitors who are going to the US for attending business deals, attending science conference,
professional or trading convention, conferences or other consulting contracts.
The domestic employee from overseas in the United States also require visit visa B-1.
The employee can work at domestic level if his employer is the citizen of this country.

The B-2 visit visa
is for travelers, touring sight, visiting friends , relatives, medical checkup, events.

The B-1 and B-2 
visas usually combined as single visa.

How To Apply the United States Visit Visa:

The visit visa is proof of genuine visitor to the US and this visa is received from native US embassy of your country.
This visit visa can be applied through online or by postal or personal presence at the US embassy.
Online application need Form DS-160 which must be filled out online and take its print as a reference in interview.
When an applicant completely filled out online application then adds photographs through scanning.
Then, submit this application online form.
The US embassy usually not conduct interview from the visiting visa applicant, but in exceptional cases they conduct interview.
The prime requirement for this visits visa to the United States is enough funds to support him during the stay in this country.

United States visit visa Requirements:

The United States visits visa is required by this country from the visitor that he must contains these documents before entering to this country.
This visit visa demands some basic requirements from the visit visa applicant.

1. Visit visa applicant must have a valid passport and its validity must be at least six months or it should be expired after expiry of visit visa.
2. All visitors submit their separate application for this visits visa.
3. Visa application Form DS-160 dully filled and signed by the applicant.
4. Visit visa application fee receipt and fee should be according to the latest rate.
5. Copy of recent passport sized color photographs as uploaded along with online application.
6. Security clearance certificate from the native country of the visit visa applicant.
7. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized and nominated hospital.

United States Medical Treatment Visit Visa Requirements:

In case a visitor is going to the United States for medical treatment or checkup then the visa officer must inquire about nature of ailment,
 medical prescription form native physician and why are you going to the United States for treatment.
He will also demand the letter from the United States hospital or doctor that they are reward to treat your ailment her in the United States.
They will also provide detail of disease, fee required for this, hospital charges and other expenses detail.
The applicant for this visa must prove that he/she has enough funds to pay all these charges and other travelling expenses.
The proof of these funds will be indicated through bank statement or saving certificates or income tax returns.
It is also necessary to provide full medical record of the patient and referral slip from the local doctor to the United States hospital or physician.


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