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USA study visa

The United States is leading the world about all domains including science and technology.
Similarly, this country is ahead in education.
There are thousands of fantastic educational institutions in the form of schools, colleges and universities.
These educational institutes have amazing research and laboratories work under the keen supervision of the top class professors and teachers.
The United States is familiar because of the best educational institutions which are delivering education in science, technology, engineering, information technology, mass communication, space sciences and other modern subjects.
This country is providing the best available facilities and techniques to their students. The best education and fantastic laboratories or filed works attract the foreign students to visit this part of the world and take admission in their desire subject.
The United States has an amazing education system and syllabus:
This country is an ideal country for providing an excellent education because of its marvelous study environment.
The US has about 4000 educational institutes which deliver different course like undergraduate, master courses and doctorate classes.
This country is leading about all subjects, but there are few which are more outstanding in this region of the world.
There are some subjects those are the best in the US universities like business management, business administration, accounting, marketing, finance, etc. The international students not only get top class education from these institutions, but comfortable living facilities as well as other extra curriculum activates.
The US universities and colleges also offer different types of scholarships and fee waiver in few cases.
The overseas students need a valid study visa to enter in this country and take admission. There are different types of study visas for US.

The United States Study Visa Procedure:

The United States school, college, university or language institution when accepts your application for admission as full-time student, then they issue I-20 Form that will use as an application for F-1 study visa.
The student will then pay the visa processing fee and this study visa will be released after 120 days of submission application form.
In case the US embassy calls you to interview then the student will also pay the interview fee and interview will be conducted in your native country US embassy.
If the student satisfies the visa officer regarding funding and other documentation then the visa officer will issue the study visa for the United States according to course duration.

USA Study Visa:

The international or overseas student who want to study in this country must have a valid student or study visa.
The selected course and institution types determine which types of study visa a student require.
There are two major types of student visas are available for international students like "F" type study visa or M type study visa.
The foreign students who want to study in school, college, university, private elementary school, conservatory and language training program are listed in "F" category student visa, but if the international student have a desire to take admission in vocational or non academic institution, then he needs M types study visa.

US F1/M1 Visa:

These studies visa are for overseas students who want to get full-time study in the United States high school, college, university or academic association. The foreign students who have a desire to take admission in English courses, then they will apply for F1 study visa.
The educational institute of this country will decide the type of study visa like F1 or M. The F visa is for the following educational institutes like high school, college, university, private elementary school, conservatory and language program.
The M visa type is for vocational and for non-academic institution.

US F1/M1 visa Requirement:

1. The student must enroll in a full-time academic or language program institution which should be approved in this country.
2. The student should have good moral character. 
3. The student must have enough funds to support them during his stay in this country. 
4. The applicant for this study visa ensures that he will go back to his native country after completion of course.
5. Attested copies of all concerned documents including academic documents.
6. Valid passport of the applicant that must have more than six months validity.
7. Receipt of visa processing fee. 
8. Duly filled and signed Form DS-160.

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