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USA Permanent Workers (EB1-EB5) visa

The United States is the first world country and it is a vast country of the North America continent.
This country is full of natural resources and large industries.
The United States has different types of work visa and immigration categories
for skilled immigrants from all over the world.
There are different jobs available in this country and offers handsome salaries package.
The US pulls the skilled employees and professional because of excellent working and living environment.
Moreover, often immigration visas categories changes into permanent residency visa that allows the visa holder to live and work forever.
The permanent resident also invites or brings his family members in this country for better future. 
The followings are some important types of immigration types.

Employment First Preference (EB1):

Applicant can be eligible for an employment based first preference visa applicant has extraordinary quality or he is the best professor or researcher, multinational manager.
The priority workers do not need labor certificate, but Form I-140 submitted with USCIS.
This preference is divided into three subcategories.

1. The individuals with fantastic natural abilities in different categories like science, arts, education, business or athletics.
These extraordinary people are familiar national and international levels so there is no need any documentation.
Similarly they do not need any job offer letter from the employer prior to enter in the United States.
These extraordinary people submit their own immigration petition for Alien worker, Form I-140 with the USCIS.
2. An outstanding professors or researchers who are famous internationally and have minimum three years teaching experience.
3. Executives or multinational companies managers who are in job for minimum one of the three preceding years by overseas associate, 
subsidiary or branch of the United States worker.

Employment Second Preference (EB2):

Applicant may be eligible this employment based second preference visa if he has a professional degree or its equivalent, or an overseas individuals having exceptional ability.
This second preference applicant needs labor certification to submit the petition for immigration.
This category can be divided into two classes. 

1. The professional, having an advance degree and five years progressive experience in relevant profession. 
2. Person having exceptional ability and equipped with degree of expertise higher than the ordinary in fields like the sciences, arts, or business.

Employment Third Preference (EB3):

The applicant is eligible if he is skilled, expertise or unskilled employee.
This is the third preference applicant who needs labor certificate to file petition for immigration.
It is divided into following categories.

1. Skilled workers must be equipped with minimum two years relevant experience or training that is not seasonal. 
2. The expertise or professional must have degree from university or college that is equal to foreign degree. 
3. The unskilled worker having less than two years work experience or training.

Employment Fourth Preference (EB4):

This category do not demand labor certificate or job offer from the United States prior to enter in this country.
This special category of immigration is divided into following classes.

1. The employer of International Broadcasting Bureau of broadcasting board of governors or similar to this.
2. Minister of religion.
3. Current or ex-employees of the US Bureau of broadcasting. 
4. Iraqi and Afghan translator who facilitated the US Army.
5. Physician.
6. Member of the Armed Forces.
7. Retired NATO-6 workers.

Employment Fifth Preference (EB-5):

This program allows entrepreneurs and their spouses, single children under the age of 21 years.
They are title to apply for a green card if, 1. Applicant for this category is willing to invest in the United States.2.
Applicant has a plan to establish a business that creates minimum 10 jobs for native employees.

Fee Status For US Permanent Workers Visa:

There is different fee structures for different categories.
Filing of immigrant petition for alien worker, Form I-140 requires $405.
Similarly petition for American widow or special immigrant Form I-360 and this fee is received by USCIS that is $220.
Medical examination and vaccination charges are different in different cases.
There are a lot of other expenses like charges for paper translation, photocopying, charges,
fee for getting documents required for immigrant visa application.
Moreover, there are some other documents, which requires fee like passport, police certificate, birth certificate, etc.

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