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USA Permanent Visa

The United States is situated in North America continent, which is a vast country of the world.
This country has various cultures and has a blend of different nations.
The US accommodated people from all over the world in different capacities.
There are students from other countries, employees from different regions, visitors and tourist from other parts of the globe.
The United States is a country having multicultural and multi-ethnic. People from other regions of the world enter in this country through different visas.
However, the United States also offer the permanent resident visa to immigrants who qualify this.
The overseas employees or individuals get permanent residency of this country and live like the native of this country.
The United States is economically sound country of the first world.
The US offers different relaxation to business community to establish new businesses in this country.
The United States has a fantastic living standard and job opportunity that is why people from other parts of the world want to settle in this country.
This country provides the best job opportunities in different sectors like information technology, medical organizations, aerospace and military equipment.
This country openly welcome all individuals belong to different religion, culture and tradition of the world.
Besides these there is freedom for all religions, culture and tradition to celebrate their events independently.
The United States encourages the skilled and professionals from other parts of the world to join the United States companies, 
firms or industries and enhance the economy of this country through their skills and expertise.
The US provides different routes to enter in this country and get permanent residency of this country.

The United States Permanent Residency Advantages:

This country provides freedom in living and working.
In case of permanent residency the residence can leave and enter in this country freely.
The green cardholder can invite his family members on this behalf.
The green card is the initial step toward the citizenship and if you are retaining green card from five years, then you are eligible and apply for citizenship.
This citizenship also offers the right of vote in this country. Similarly the citizenship holder can enjoy the social benefits, taxation relaxation,
 insurance facility, social security, education facility, health facility and retirement advantages.
The green card requires renewal after ten years and it is easy and convenient procedure. There are different types of immigration or permanent visas
 available in the United States.

Family Immigration Visa:

The United States offers facility to join your immediate family members living in this country.
This family migration provides an opportunity to family members to live and work in this country on the behalf of their relative who
 is living as permanent resident, or citizen of the USA.
This immigration visa allows the spouse of US citizen, unmarried kids under 21 years of age and parents of US citizen.

Family Immigration Visa Requirements:

There are few basic requirement for this family immigration which must be fulfilled by the applicant.
1. The sponsor should be a legal resident or citizen of this country.
2. The sponsor must be over 21 years of age to submit the sponsor file of his parents or siblings. 
3. Sponsor should be financially stable and have enough funds to support family members in this country. 
4. Sponsor should be willing to provide affidavit that he will support his family or sponsor individual. 
5. Sponsor must have legal permission of petition, I-130 from USCIS.
6. Family immigration visa processing fee along with application.

Immigration Visa For Spouse:

In case you are US citizen and in this way you can sponsor your wife or husband.
This immigration visa needs Form 130. Applicant can sponsor his spouse if he/she is legal husband or wife.
In case of polygamy the first spouse will qualify for this immigration. The common-law partner in some countries is eligible, 
but it is up to the country where this common-law marriage held.

Spouse Immigration Visa Requirement:

The followings are some fundamental requirement for this spouse immigration visa.
1. The sponsor should be a legal citizen of the United States.
2. The sponsor must be over 21 years of age and have residence certification of this country. 
3. Sponsor should have enough funds to support his spouse in this country.
4. He will provide an affidavit that he will support his spouse or family members. 
5. He must get permission from USCIS in this case. 
6. Sponsor will also deposit visa processing fee on the behalf of his spouse.

Besides these mentioned work visa categories there are some other permanent visa classes are available like:

a: Employment visas

b: Investor visas

c: Special immigrant’s visas 

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