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US Working Visa

US Working Visa

The United States is included in first world countries list, which are developed countries of the world.
This country has different natural resources including petroleum products.
Moreover, the United States has huge industries and commercial organizations which contribute in national economy.
This country is maintain high GDP and provides fantastic living condition to native and overseas individuals.
This country is an amazing in all domains including job opportunities.
The United States pulls million of individuals from all over the world for job or an emplacement.
The employee from other region visits this country on different types of visas category like immigration, work permit or work holiday visa.
However, this country welcomes and encourages foreign employees if they are qualified and have expertise in any specific field.
The US is the country that offers best jobs and salary packages as compare to other countries of the world.
The followings are some prime working visas for the United States.

1. United States H-1B work visa

  • This work visa for the United States is designed for those employees having pre-arranged emplacement.
  • This job demands at least bachelor degree or more than this or it should be according to the nature of job.
  • USCIS identify that your employment is on expertise or your qualifications.
  • The employer makes an agreement with employee according to the labor department terms and conditions.

2. United States H-1B1 treaty-based temporary work visa

  • The United States has an agreement with Chile and Singapore that they can send their temporary work in the United States in some cases.
  • In this case, only national of these two countries are eligible, however, their siblings may belong to other countries.
  • It is necessary for the applicant of this work visa that they must have a job offer from the employer of the United States in their relevant expertise.
  • However, in this case the US employer will not file I-129 petition for Non immigrant worker.
  • Moreover, this applicant neither will nor requires approval Form I-797 prior to submitting visa application.
  • There is no need to get certification from the Department of labor before the visa application.

3. United States H-2A work visa (seasonal agricultural workers)

  • This work visa is issued from the United States to hire overseas employees to fill the temporary agriculture jobs because there is no one available to get this position.
  • This work visa is specifically to fill the agriculture and other seasonal job in the United States.
  • The agricultural employer files a case through Form I-129, petition for Non immigrant worker on the behalf of the employee.

4. United States H-2B work visa (skilled and unskilled workers)

  • This work visa is issued from the United States in case there is a shortage of employees during agriculture season.
  • The employee needs permission from the Department of Labor that there is no skilled US employee is available to secure this job.

5. United States H-3 work visa (trainee)

  • In case an employee is coming in the United States to taking training from his employer in any capacity other than the graduate education about two years.
  • It is necessary for the employee or trainee that he will prove that this training is not available in his country.

6. United States L-1 work visa (intra-company transferees)

  • In case if an employee of a multinational company transfer him in the parent branch of the United States then he needs this L-1 work visa.
  • The multinational company may be either United States or overseas management.
  • To get this work visa it is necessary for the employee that he must have managerial or executive position in company or have expertise in specific field.
  • The employee must be with this multinational company from last three years.
  • The applicant for this work visa only applied when he received an approval from USCIS.

Besides these the following are some work visas.

  1. H-4 (dependents),

  2. L-2 work visa (dependents),

  3. O work visa,

  4. P work visa (artists, entertainers),

  5. Q work visa

US working visa requirement

The United States works visa is legal document to enter and work in this country.
There are few basic requirements for these work visas.

1. Valid passport of the employee and other traveling documents.

2. If there are more than one individual in a single passport then need to separate visa application.

3. Non immigrant visa Form DS-160 conformation page.

4. Visa processing fee receipt.

5. Up load your passport sized color photographs for online Form DS-160.

6. Receipt number of petition for non immigrant worker, Form I-129 or Form I-797 from USCIS.

7. The L visa petition, applicant must carry Form I-129S to interview.

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