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US Family Visa

The United States is a top ranked country of the world, which is equipped with natural resources.

Moreover, it has heavy industries and commercial units' entire country. The United States also has large areas for agricultural products.

The US earns it's large revenue from tourism and visitors.

The United States welcomes skilled, expertise and professionals from all over the world and offers citizenship under different rules.

There is a lot of way to enter in this country on temporary basis and then apply for permanent resident or citizenship.

In this regard the United States introduced various immigration visas.

The United States also has a scheme for family migration that allows the family members to enter and live in this country permanently.

The family migration also allows the family members to work in this country legally.

This family immigration can be sponsored by legal permanent residents or citizen of the United States.

The US Family Visa Sponsor Eligibility:

There are few restrictions for the United States permanent residents or citizen who is going to sponsor, his family members from overseas.

1. The sponsor should be legal permanent residents or citizen of this country.

2. The sponsor must be more than 21 years of age to submit petition for his parents or siblings.

3. Sponsor must have enough funds to support family members who have plan to migrate this country.

4. The US sponsor will must make an agreement through affidavit that he will financially help their immigrant family members in this country.

5. Sponsor must get permission of immigration visa petition, I-130 from USCIS.

The US Family Visa Is Divided Into Two Main Categories According To US Immigration Law.

1. Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas:

This family visa category is based on immediate relatives of the United States citizen or permanent resident.

However, this visa category is not influenced by the number of immigrants each fiscal year.
This visa category permits the following immediate family members.

1. IR-1, Spouse of a United States citizen

2. IR-2, Unmarried child below 21 years of the US citizen

3. IR-3, Orphan kind adopted abroad by a US citizen.

4. IR-4, Orphan kind adopted by a US citizen in the US.


5. IR-5, Parent of a United States citizen, but they must be over 21 years of age.

2. Family Preference Immigrant Visas:

This visa is designed for the relatives having distant from the United States citizen or permanent resident.

This visa also permit unlimited immigrant each year, but this visa includes.

This visa permits the unmarried sons and daughter of the US citizen and their minor kids if has.2. Family Second Preference (F2)

It includes spouse, minor kids and unmarried sons and daughters. Under this visa category the majority of visas go to spouse and kids.

3. Family Third Preference (F3):

This visa category permit the married sons and daughters of the United States citizen and their spouses and younger kids.

The US Family Visa Documentation Process

The United States family visa allows the family members of the citizen of this country or permanent resident to live in this country with sponsor.

 The visiting family members usually spouse or kids of the United States citizen.

In this process the first initiative is a sponsoring relative must submission a file for Alien Relative Form I-130 the Department of Homeland

Security at United State citizenship and immigration service's USCIS.

Once this petition is approved by the authorities it forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC).

On reaching at National Visa Center they allotted a case number for petition.

The National Visa Center directed the applicant to fill out Form DS-261and also instructs the applicant to deposit fee for this process.

The National Visa Center demands application form, visa documents, affidavit of support, civil documents, etc.

The US Family Visa Required Documents:

The followings are some important documents which must be provided by the sponsor at time of application submission.

1. Passport of the visa applicant which must be valid for two months beyond the expiration date of immigrant visa.

2. The United States sponsored must provide Form I-864, I-864A, I-864 EZ, or I-864W, as appropriate.

3. Complete Form DS-260, Immigrant visa and Alien Registration application.

4. Recent photographs of the applicant having sized 2x2.

5. Medical examination Form dully filled and signed.

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