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The USA Permanent Visa

The United States is a developed country of the first world and it is a large country.
It is different culture and living style because of immigrants from all over the world.
This is an ideal country for living, running business and study because of peaceful environment and has a lot of job opportunities.
There are different types of immigration visas which allow the immigrants to live and work in this part of the world.
However, US permanent resident visa permit the immigrants to enter and live in this country permanently.
The US immigrants have the equal rights equally to the native citizen of this country.
The United States pulls the individuals from other part of the world because of best living standard, job opportunities and freedom.
The immigrant when gets the green card of this country then can sponsor their family members and arrange their own green card.
In this way families can settle in the United States and enjoy the rights to reside and work.
Once an overseas get his green card, then he can enjoy different social advantages like insurance, grants, tax relaxation, social security, education, retirement benefits and medical facilities.
The United States has different categories of immigration visas for overseas individuals like:
1. Spouse of a lawful permanent resident in the US.
To bring your husband or wife in the United States to live with you.
Then, it is necessary that the sponsor must be a United States green cardholder or the US citizen.

How To Bring Your Spouse To United States?

If the applicant is the United States citizen and your spouse is legally inside in the United States then you have to apply through File Form I-130, through petition for Alien relative,
and Form I-485, application registration.
However, in case the spouse is outside the country, then Form I-130 is required which will be sent for consular processing and consulate or embassy will take decision. 
Similarly, if the applicant is green cardholder and his spouse is legally in the United States then he needs Form I-130 and applies for permanent residency through Form I-485.
However, if the spouse is outside the United States, then applicant requires Form I-130 and this will be dispatched to consulate or embassy for further processing.

Required Documentation:

The followings necessary documents are required for this spouse immigration visa. 
1. Form I-130 which needs signed and deposit fee receipt. 
2. A copy of valid civil marriage certificate. 
3. Recent passport sized color photographs of applicant and spouse. 
4. In case applicant is the United States citizen then valid United States passport copy needed.
5. Or, copy of birth certificate, valid copy from consular in case birth is away from the country. 
6. Copy of US citizenship.
7. In case applicant is a permanent resident then copy of green cared or copy of your native country passport.

Spouse Of Fiancé Of US Citizen:

The United States citizen who likes to invite his overseas fiancé to this country in order to get married then it requires to file a Form I-129F,
which is for Alien Fiancé. This is called fiancé visa.
To get this visa it is needed to marry each other within 90 days after landing this country on K-1 non immigrant visa. However,
it is necessary that this marriage must be valid and legal. In case this marriage is held within 90 days, then he/she can apply for permanent resident in the United States.

Requirements For Fiancé (e) Visas:

The applicant can invite his/her fiancé in the United States if he/she fulfill these following requirements.
1. If applicant is a United States citizen have a plan to be married within 90 days then fiancé can enter in the United States on K-1 nonimmigrant visa.
2. Applicant and he/her fiancé can marry in the United States and ex-marriages have been cancelled by divorce, death, etc.

Special Immigrants:

The special immigrant is that individual who legally applies for green card under the United States citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) under special immigrant program.
The followings case is considered special immigrant's category like religious worker, broadcaster, NATO-6 Nonimmigrant, Armed forces member, Afghanistan or Iraq nationals who supported
the United States and Armed force translator who served on the behalf of the United States government in Iraq.

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