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The United States Working Holiday Visa

The United States is a perfect destination for international employees because of best working option and handsome salary packages.

The US has fantastic infrastructure and industries that provides a lot of job opportunities for overseas employees.

The employee enters in this country through different types of work visas or work permit.

However, work visa or work permit  is necessary document, which is required to live and work in this country.

The United States industries, commercial institutes and other private organization always prefer to hire more skilled and qualified individuals to fill the vacant position in their organization.

The industrialist of this country tries to hire more experienced and seasoned employee.

There are different types of work visas categories and each visa category demands different types of requirements.

However, working holiday visa is one of them which are awarded in specific cases.

The United States is the best country for working holiday visa.

The United States J1 Visa Detail:

The J1 visa is not a specifically the United States holiday work visa, but it is comprehensive visitor exchange program the permit the overseas to visit part of the world and work, study, get training, etc.

There are about fifteen categories which are included in this program. This visa is about the same as available in the United Kingdom or Canada known as Work and Travel.

This J1 visa demands age between 18 to 30 or 35 and have no criminal record can apply for this. This J1 United States visa allows the visa holder to live and work in this country for 12 months.

This visa does not demand prearrange work in the United States as well as no restriction regarding living place in this country. The visa holder can change his job and place of work according to his desire.

The following countries have exchange program with the United States regarding this holiday visa just as work and travel in summer with Australia and New Zealand.

Intern work and travel with Irish and work, English studies and travel with South Korea.

How To Apply United States J1 Visa?

This work and travel visa program initially demand acceptance from the United States according to exchange program through right forum.


After acceptance, the applicant has to register with Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

This exchange program requires depositing fee as SEVIS fee, but this fee is not applicable on the dependant who want to join you.

The applicant will get Form DS-2019 from sponsor side for visa attendance and it is for all family members.

The visa processing time varies from country to country and region to region.

The SEVIS fee is 180 US$, but confirm the fee prior to deposit because fee can be changed with the passage of time.

United States J-2 visa:

This J-2 visa is for the dependant of J-1 visa holder and it is issued from the United States embassy or consulate.

This visa is for the spouse and children under the age of 21 years, but unmarried. The holder of J-2 visa joins the J-1 visa bearer in the United States.

The J-1 visa candidate like au pair, camp counselor, secondary school student and summer worker are not authorized for J-2 visa.

There are few programs in which J-1 visa permit the spouse and dependent to travel on this visa. If the holder of J-2 visa wants to get employment,

then he needs Employment Authorization Document from the Department of Homeland Security in the United States.

The United States Working Holiday Visa Requirement:

The working holiday visa is specifically arranged for some categories of individuals and it is also bilateral agreement with some countries like Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Ireland, etc.

There are few basic and fundamental documents which must be provided by the applicant of this visa. The followings are some most required conditions necessary for this visa.

1. Applicant must be full-time enrolled in post-secondary education away from the United States.

2. Applicant should be equipped with good English skills.

3. Applicant must be sponsored by registered organizer and fulfill demands of this visa.

4. Medical fitness certificate from recommended hospital.

5. Applicant has enough funds to support him in the United States.

6. Valid passport of the applicant and it should be more than six months validity.

7. Visa processing fee receipt.

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