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Special Immigrant Category 1 (National of Iraq or Afghanistan)

The United States is a large country of the North America continent and it is first world country.
This country has fantastic economy because of heavy industries and tourism. Moreover, all international commercial units are also located in this part of the world.
The United States accommodated individuals from all over the world because of their skills, expertise and any other merit.
There are different types of immigration visas types through those citizens of other countries can enter in this country legally. 
However,there is some special case in which this country offers relaxation to immigrate those people.
The United States introduces special immigrant category for different countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.
This immigration is considered a special immigration due to difficult condition in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.
Moreover, the United States also favor those countries inhabitants who contributed to the United States.
This special category is divided into three classes.

Employment Iraqi or Afghan Translator :

This immigration is specifically designed for Iraqi and Afghan origin.
The individuals who engaged with the United States Armed Forces or worked under Chief of Mission authority as a translator or interpreter.
This special immigration category allows 50 individuals each fiscal year to immigrate in this country.

a: Special Immigrant Category 1 eligibility.

1. Applicant for this visa category must be Iraq or Afghanistan national.
2. He must be directly engaged with the United States Armed Forces or worked under Chief of Mission authority as a translator or interpreter for minimum one year duration.
3. Applicant must get written recommendation from a General or Flag Officer assisted by you as a translator or interpreter.
Or from the Chief of Mission from the embassy where you have served.

Employment of Iraq in US:

This immigration category is for Iraqi citizens who have served between 20th March 2003 until 30th September 2013 for the United States Army.
Moreover, they have experienced or are experiencing risk because of their services with the United States Army.

a: Employment Iraq Worked Immigration :

1. Applicant must be a citizen of Iraq.
2. The applicant has been employed with the United States government in Iraq on or after March 20, 2003
and prior to September 30, 2013, but his services must be one year or more than this.
3. Applicant must be faithful and helpful servant to the United States government and this should be mentioned in reference letter from the applicant's senior.
4. Applicant now experiencing or experienced risk because of services for the United States Army.

Afghan Worked Immigration Category Eligibility:

This category is specifically designed for Afghan citizens who provided their services 
on the behalf of the United States Army from 7th October 2001 until date and experiencing risk due to this service with the United States Army.
This category offers 1500 visas each fiscal year.

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