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Investor Visa USA

The United States is the land of opportunities and offers different jobs to overseas immigrants.

The United States welcomes experienced and skilled person from all over the world.

The US has huge network of industries and other commercial organization.
The United States offers fantastic services and taxation relaxation to foreign investors.

The overseas investors usually welcome in this country and provide wide chances to investment their capital.

The United States has large market of consumers that is why investors rush this part of the world.

The US authorities facilitate in international investors and provide maximum facilities to establish new businesses or investment in running trades.

However, it is necessary for the overseas investors that he must invest minimum $1,000,000 (U.S.); or $500,000 (U.S.) in areas where unemployment rate is higher.

The United States also bound the international investor in business that produces at least 10 jobs for native people or legal permanent residents or immigrants.

However, the spouse, sons and daughters are not included in this 10 workers list.

Investor Visa Categories In The United States:

1: Employment Creation Outside A Targeted area-C5:

This type of USA investor visa :

is designed for the overseas investors who fulfill determine conditions like live and work in this country.

In case an investor invests $1 million in the United States. The investor enhances employment number in his firm or company in which investment has been made, then the investor can secure a green card of this country.

This visa permits the investor to live in this country and after a specific period he can apply for naturalization and receive a United States citizenship.

The investor will pay all due taxes and can travel to other countries.

The number of visas in this category is limited like 10,000 visas per year.

This visa application is entertained according to the submission time.

a: Employment Creation Outside A Targeted Area-C5 Requirements:

1. The overseas investor must invest an area with average unemployment level.

2. It is necessary for the investor that he must invest in comparatively new enterprise launched about 1990.

The investor will invest the business and will increase the number of employees or net-worth by 40%.

3. The USA investor visa not only will increase the number of employees each year, but offer job as a full-time employee.


4. It demands $1 million investments and this capital must be a personal asset and not be borrowed.

2: In Targeted Rural/high Unemployment Area-T5:

This visa is for those investors who are willing to invest their money in areas of high unemployment in this country.

The area where more jobs are requires like rural areas.

The followings are some important requirement for this investor visa.

1. The investor will invest in rural unemployment areas of the United States.

2. The investor must establish an enterprise and increase number of employees and net worth.

3. An investor must create minimum 10 new vacancies, but these jobs should be full-time.

4. The invest amount must be minimum $ 500,000 and it must be investor own money. 

3: Investor Pilot Program Not In A Targeted Area-R5:

There are different places of investment in the United States are called regional centers.

These regional centers or segments of investor Pilot Program in different located in the United States.

The investor can travel to other part of the world during his stay in this country.

This visas category is limited in one year and it takes longer processing time than the others.

Investor Pilot Program Requirements:

1. The investor must invest in general areas, but not in targeted areas of the United States with high employment.

2. An investor can invest in existing enterprise and enhance this enterprise by increasing employees.

3. The investor will develop 10 new jobs within next two years and these jobs should be permanent as well as full-time.

4. The invested amount should be $1 million and this money must be investor's own amount.

4: Investor Pilot Program In A Targeted Area-I5:

The investor can invest in areas like general, targeted with high unemployment, 

rural and regional centers.

The followings are main requirements for this visa category.

1. The invested area must have high unemployment or it should be rural area.

2. The investment can be made in new enterprise or excising enterprise.

3. The investor will increase the number of workers in this enterprise.

4. The minimum investment, which is required for this visa category is $ 500,000.

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