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UK Working Holidays Visa

The United Kingdom is a developed country of the world and it is fifth largest economy of the world.
The United Kingdom provides fantastic job opportunities to overseas employees. 
Moreover, this country has fantastic living standard and an amazing peaceful environment.
The United Kingdom offers handsome salary packages and other social security and facilities to foreign individuals.
The United Kingdom welcomes skill and expertise employees from all over the world. 
There are different types of work permit or immigration categories that allows the overseas employees to live and work in this part of the world. 
The work permits is not based on point system. 
The United Kingdom provides flexible visa procedure and outstanding work opportunity that is why this country pulls the skilled employees. 
The United Kingdom also introduced working holidays visa
The holiday visa has designed to enhance the culture and educational exchange between
the United Kingdom and other bilateral agreement countries. 
The eligible countries are:

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland,
Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden.

This scheme strengthens the bilateral relationship between the member countries.
This schema allows the passport holder and aged between 18 to 30 from member's country is eligible to visit on this visa category.
On this category the visa holder can get short-term employment or he can enroll in short study course or training while visa holder 
is on holiday in the United Kingdom.
This holiday visa validity is 24 months or two years after issuing from the United Kingdom embassy. 
The visa holder can stay in the United Kingdom and work during his stay. 
The visa holder can visit this country any time while his visa should be valid and similarly he can leave the country at any time during his stay. 
In case the visa holder turn 31 during his stay in the United Kingdom, but visa holder can stay as long as the visa is valid. 
It is necessary to understand that this visa or working holiday scheme is only for those countries inhabitants which have bilateral agreement with the UK. 
The countries which are included in bilateral agreement send their youth to exchange culture and heritage. 
These members countries exchange their youth with other members countries for holiday and work to understand the culture and heritage.

How To Apply The UK Working Holidays Visa?

The working holiday visa is a legal document that allow the members countries inhabitant to spend their holidays in the United Kingdom as well as work. 
This working holiday visa is for those countries that have bilateral agreement of youth exchange program. 
Once an applicant has decided the visa category, then he/she must visit the United Kingdom consulate or embassy for information and an application form.
Moreover, an applicant can get this application from through downloading from official website of the United Kingdom.
It is an important issue for the applicant that he must carefully read the application form and check which types of documents are demanded in this application form. 
So, filled out this application form according to be given instruction and attach all required documents with this form. 
Then, this application form return to the British High Commission or Consulate in applicant native country along with all concerned documents. 
If an applicant, feels difficulty during the form filling then contact British embassy or consulate for guidance.
It is also vital for this visa process that applicant must visit British embassy or consulate for biometric information recorded. 
Your visa application requires this segment of biometric. 
The British embassy or consulate will inform the applicant about application receiving and if there is any query, then they will contact the visa applicant.

United Kingdom Working Holidays Visa Requirements:

This working holiday visa the United Kingdom is a legal proof of the real applicant of this visa. 
This visa is valid for two years and the applicant age must be in between 18 to 30 years of age at the time of file submission.

The followings are some important and necessary documents which must be provided by this visa applicant along with application.
1. Applicant valid passport or travel documents.
2. Applicant's recent color photographs.
3. Applicant must provide supporting documents that he has enough funds to stay in the United Kingdom initially.
4. A complete application form duly signed by the applicant having all required documents.
5. Passport must contain at least two blank pages in it.

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