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UK working holiday visa

The United Kingdom is the prime country of the Europe and it is the commercial hub of this region. This country attracts overseas employees, students and visitors round the year. This country encourages and skilled and expertise in this country to fill the skilled worker gap. Workers from other countries of the world try to get a job in this county because of handsome salary package. There are different types of work visas and permits which needs different requirements from the employees.

The United Kingdom also has one important types of visa that is known as working holiday visa. Working holiday visa is designed to financially assist the holidays of the visa holder and it is short-term visa for only bilateral agreement countries individuals. England offers this visa under working holiday program through youth mobility program. This working holiday visa is a result of bilateral agreement with some other countries. The countries under this agreement mutually send the young people through this working holiday visa exchange program. This working holiday visa is valid for the young people having age between 18 to 30 years.

Working holiday visa demands minimum 50 points to qualify this visa program. The applicant belongs to the countries which have bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom or overseas British citizen, British overseas territory citizen or British national, then he will score 30 points. The applicant for this working holiday visa must be between 18 to 30, then he will grab 10 points and if the applicant has minimum £1800 in his possession, then he will score another 10 points.

UK working holiday visa conditions
There are few restrictions or requirements regarding this working holiday visa. It is necessary for the applicant that he must not land on this country on this working holiday visa prior to this application. It is also vital for the applicant that he should be equipped with enough funds to settle in this country. This working holiday visa allows the visa holder to stay in this country for two years on this ground. The working holiday visa holder can work in these two years and there is not any specific condition for nature of job. However, there are few limitations for this working holiday visa holder that he cannot start his own business, cannot participate as a professional in sports and cannot get a job as a trainee doctor. This visa category does not need any sponsorship from the United Kingdom.


How to apply UK working holiday visa?
The UK working holiday visa can be applied through two ways. The first one is through any agency that has experience in the arrangement of this visa category. However, applicant can apply online and it is easy if there is a simple application. These online applications usually take 15 days processing period, but in some case it takes one month. The online application needs personal details, work experience data and other relevant information. The online application also demands photographs of the applicant which will be uploaded by the applicant. This working holiday visa has multiple entries and visa holder can leave and re-enter in the United Kingdom.

UK working holiday visa requirements
There are few limitations or requirement for this the UK working holiday visa and it is necessary for the applicant that he must provide or fulfill all requirements. The most important and vital condition is that applicant must be from the country having bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom regarding this issue. These countries exchange their youth to understand the culture, tradition and other lifestyle. Through this visa category the visitors not only visit that country, but during his stay also earn money through employment. The second condition is that applicant must be between 18 to 30 years. The followings are some common requirements like

1. Applicant must have valid passport and its validity must be over six months.
2. Applicant has no dependent kids.
3. He was not visited this country on the behalf of this visa.
4. He must have enough funds to support him in this country or minimum £1800.
5. A complete application form duly signed by the applicant.
6. Color photographs of the applicant.
7. Insurance coverage during the stay in the United Kingdom.
8. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized hospital or clinic.

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