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UK Visit Visa

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country of the continent Europe. It pulls millions of vectors, tourists and other guests because of its natural beauty and fantastic infrastructures. This country has fantastic meadows, forests, mountains, seas sides, beaches, rivers and modern cities. These things fascinate the international visitors and tourists. Moreover, this country provides the best accommodation facilities and traveling assistance. 

There are different types of attraction for the overseas visitors and the most important one is the weather conditions of this country. The United Kingdom has cool and moderate weather environment round the year, but winters are comparatively cold. This country has another touch of historical places like royal palaces, outstanding galleries and fantastic museums. This country is also familiar because of multicultural country. There are some classic monuments like Tower of London, Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, Tussauds museum, best nightclubs and marvelous shopping malls.

The United Kingdom is famous for its sights and other attractions. This country is equipped with excellent parks, castle, best architecture monuments, natural topography and the best transportation means. This country is popular for world heritage sites and historical buildings. The tourists or visitors from all over the globe visit this part of the world, but they must have valid visitors to tourist visa to enter in this country for this purpose. The followings are some important visits visas which are designed for international tourists with some conditions and requirements.

1. UK Electronic visa waiver

This visit visa is for these countries inhabitants Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates and do not have any family member or friends, but want to visit this country for business deals, study, participation in sports, medical treatments. This visa is valid for six months and applicant for this visa can apply online and this visa may be processed in a few hours. However, this visits visa does not allow the visa holder to work in this country. This visa permits the visa holder to take part in short course like English.

UK Electronic visa waiver requirements

The inhabitant and passport containers of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates are entitled for this visa. This visa is required to enter in this country and has a single entry, but visa validity is for six months. The basic requirements must be provided by the visa applicant.

1. Applicant must have valid passport of the mentioned countries.

2. Applicant has detail of accommodation in the UK.


3. Applicant provides full detail of this tour.

4. Application process must be initiated three months prior to visit.

5. Applicant must be medically fit and have sound character.

2. UK Tourist visitor visa:

This visa is awarded to the general visitors who want to visit this party of the world by sightseeing or exploring. This visa also allows the applicant to visit family or friends, business consignments, etc. This visit visa is valid for six months and the visa applicant prove that he has enough funds to support him during the stay and will not get assistance from public fund or do job for this purpose. This visa allows the visa holder to get the advantage of multiple entries.

UK Tourist visitor visa requirements:

This standard visits visa has canceled all these visas like family visit visa, general visitor visa, child visitor visa, business visit visa or entertainer visit visa. This visit visa is only issued for six months period and applicant has enough funds for accommodation and travelling. However, he is not permitted to get a job both paid and unpaid during his stay in this country.

3. UK Family visitor visa :

This visa holder can visit England to visit their family or friends living in the UK. The family or friend invite him through invitation letter and confirm relationship. The family member also accommodates and financially assists during his visit. However, the visitor will prove that he has stabled finical position. This visit visa is issued for six months period and has multiple entries.

4. UK marriage visitor visa:

The individual who wants to be married or registration as civil partnership in the United Kingdom. This marriage visits visa demands to leave this country after completion of marriage or registration as a civil partner in this country. This marriage visitor visa is awarded for the period of six months.

UK marriage visitor visa requirements:

1. It is necessary that applicant for this visa must be over 18 years of age.

2. Applicant is flexible to be held this marriage ceremony or registration as civil partner within six months.

3. Applicant must have a plan to visit this country for less than six months and he will leave the country at the end of this visits.

4. Applicant should have financial stabled and afford the expenses without taking public funds.

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