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UK Student Visa

The United Kingdom is the financially stabled country of the Europe and it is the business hub if this continent.
It is located in the important position and have fantastic infrastructure. 
This country welcomes thousands of employees, visitors, tourists and
students from the all over the world each year.
The United Kingdom is an outstanding place for overseas students 
because of excellent educational institutes, 
best teaching staff and laboratories. 
The United Kingdom educational institutes are fantastic according to be
provided facilities and that is why they are included in top ranked colleges and universities of the world.
The students from other countries of the world prefer the UK
educational system because of excellence and reputation.
World renowned universities belonging to this country like Oxford and Cambridge.
The most important impact of these institutions is on
students and they enhance their creative skills and confidence level. 
The United Kingdom demands valid study visa from the
overseas students there are different types of study visas.

1. Tier 4 (general) Student Visa:

This category of students visa for those overseas students
who are at least 16 years of age.

2. Tier (child) Student Visa:

This visa types is for the age between 4 to 17 years and they
are looking for the United Kingdom fantastic education. 
This age group is allowed to study at fee paying schools.

3. Student visitor visa:

In case an adult who wants to take admission in the United Kingdom for limited course like 
English language course or course related to his profession or specific types of training, 
then he must have a student visitor visa.

4. Child Visitor Visa:

This student visa is specifically designed for children under the age of
18 year and who want to study in this country which has duration less than six months.
In the United Kingdom students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during studies, 
but they can work full-time during holidays. 
This part-time work supports their expenditures during the stay in this country.
This facility is only for those students have visa more than six months in degree program or Tier 4 visa. 
The student can apply to study visa three months prior to starts the course.
The student or Tier 4 visa allows the applicant to bring his family with them in the UK,
but study course must be over six months. 
Students who are in English language course cannot invite their family members because 
it is not degree level course and its duration is also less than six months.

UK Student Visa Requirements:

The students from other countries of the world included European Union 
must have student visa. 
This student visa is required for full-time studies in this country. 
This study visa is not awarded for part-time courses. 
The stability of the student is checked through points based system known as Tier 4 students visa. 
A student must score at least 40 points for valid study visa. 
The followings are some basic requirements for this study visa of the United Kingdom.

1. Course Confirmation Letter:

The international student must have confirmation or acceptance for studies letter known as (CAS).
This letter is issued from the registered and organized educational institute of the UK and approved by the UK visa and immigration (UKVI).

2. Funding:

The financial support is necessary for the student to meet the tuition fee and other living expenses. 
To prove that he/she has enough funds to bears the expenditures he/she must provide supporting documents in this regards.
The average fee for this country is about £8,000 to £36,000.
Moreover, student must prove that he/she has £1,265 for each month if course limit is up to nine months.

3. Visa Application:

The application for this visa is necessary and it should be completed. 
The applicant can send his application online. 
Moreover, applicant for this visa will also provide his/her bio-metric information. 
This bio-metric information is collected at visa application center.

4. Health Facility Fee:

The students from the premises outside the Europe and they have a plan to live in this country for more than 
six months must deposit health surcharge to get National Health Service. 
The health charges are about £150 per Annum.
The student will apply for the study visa after receiving acceptance letter from the educational institute.

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