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UK Permanent Residence Visa

The United Kingdom is a developed country of the Europe. 
This country is familiar for higher per capita income, stable economy, industrial network and military supremacy. 
The United Kingdom is leading the world in different domains like science and technology, political system, social development, etc. 
The United Kingdom pulls the thousands of immigrants from other parts of the world each year. 
This country offers permanent residency that allows the overseas to live and work in this part of the world.
In this case, they will enjoy the provided facilities from the government to national of this country.
The Residence Permanent holder can get public funds as used by the native of this country.
This is first choice of the world immigrants because of classic living standard and job opportunities.
The United Kingdom is multicultural country of the world. 
There are different advantages of permanent residency of this country. 
The immigrant can use public funds, your family members can join you, immigrant can live and
work independently and get education as national of this country get. 
The Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or permanent residency (PR) in which the foreign immigrant can live and work 
in this country for indefinite period without any restriction.
The overseas individual who is living in this country from five years on one the following visas can apply for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

Tier 1 Residence Visa:

The United Kingdom is an ideal part of the world in which you can easily invest money, travel and establish business. 
There are a lot of chances of growth and development. 
The overseas businessmen want to create business in this country or invest in already serving business. 

This Tier 1 visa is point based visa and divided into following classes.

1. Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa: 

This visa is designed for the individuals who have an extra ordinary talent and recognized by the world in science and arts.
This visa category only permits 1000 individuals from all over the world in different segments like arts, science, 
Royal academy of engineering and British academy.
However, it is necessary that the applicant must score at least 75 points, 10 points are allocated for English. 
This visa is completed in two steps initially application is moved home office
for approval by a designated competent body and then send for entry clearance.
The applicant status can be changed from Tier 2 and tier 5 to Tier1,
if the applicant is working in the United Kingdom and have expertise in any field. 
The validity of this visa is for three years and four months.

Tier 1 (Investor) Visa:

This investor visa is for overseas investors who want to invest in this country. 
The investor should score 75 points and these points can be scored if you have £1,000,000 or 
more than this and it should be your money or you have £2,000,000 or more than this and £1,000,000 in the form of loan or for investment in the UK

Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Visa:

This United Kingdom visa is designed for the foreign skilled professionals having job offers from the UK. 

This visa has various types like:

Tier 2 General Visa:

This visa is for foreign employees having specific skills and have a job offer from England
 because of the shortage of native skilled individuals. 
This Tier 2 visa jobs are limited in single year. 
Similarly, employees who are in the UK also apply for this skilled worker visa or Tier 2 visa.
The Tier 2 intra company transfer visa is for the employees who are transferred from abroad to the UK branch within company. 
This Tier 2 category has followings sub categories like Long-term staff, Short-term staff, Graduate trainee and Skills transfer.
 This visa needs 50 points to qualify which are awarded through certification of sponsorship 30 points and appropriate salary 20 points.

UK Permanent Residence Visa Requirements: 

The applicant needs five years continuous residency as a student and will provide these documents.

1. Valid passport of the applicant and passport sized color photographs.
2. Proof or supporting documents indication that applicant is a genuine student of this country.
3. Applicant has enough funds and provides bank statement.
4. In case of investor must have desired funds for investment or starting new business.
5. In case of skilled employee must have a job offer letter from the employer.
6. Medical clearance certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
7. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country.

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