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UK business visa

The United Kingdom is a developed country of the continent Europe and it has rich culture. This country is leading in different segments and has the best economy. There are large industries and commercial organization as well as leading banking system. There are different types of commercial units and trading organizations.

The United Kingdom encourages overseas investors and business community people who have a desire to establish new businesses or invest in counties business. This country is an ideal country for investors who want to enjoy working environment and take advantage of government policies. There is an advance technology and experts are also there to resolve issues and problems. There is a huge influx of investors and businessmen who are willing to invest or creates business in this country. The United Kingdom issues different kinds of business visas for overseas businessmen. All investors or businessmen need valid business visas to enter in this country.

Tier 1 Investor visa
The UK investor visa is based on money or capital which will be invested by the investor.  The investors wants to invest in running projects or develop a new project or industry in which they invest their capital and get benefits offered by the UK government.


Tier 1 Investor visa requirements
The followings are some fundamental requirements which must be completed by the foreign investor who are willing to invest in this country.

1. The investor must have minimum £1 million his own possession.
2. The investor must willing to invest £750,000 of passion capital in private company or trust.
3. The investor may work as managing authority in his investment.
4. It is necessary for the investor that he will spend his half time in this country.
5. The remaining money is at his disposal and he can invest according to his desire.
6. Applicant or investor has good English proficiency.

Tier 1 Investor visa conditions
1. This investor visa is issued initially for three years.
2. Applicant can apply for visa extension after expiry the initial three years visa. However, the extension may refuse if investor is failed to fulfill his investment requirement.
3. The granted extension may be for next two years.
4. The investor after five years can submit application for Indefinite Leave to Remain or permanent residence visa.
5. The dependant of this visa holder can join him and they can work and study on this behalf.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa
This visa for the overseas investor who have a desire to start new business and have ability to run that business.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa requirements.
The followings are some vital requirements for this Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. These requirements must be fulfill by the applicant.
1. The applicant for this visa must possess at least £200,000 to start planned business.
2. Applicant can start any sort of business, but work as a full-time worker.
3. Applicant must create two positions in business for EEA nationals.
4. Applicant must take the responsibilities of the business issues.
5. The investor must have enough budgets to run the business successfully.
6. The investor should have an applicable business project.
7. Foreign investor must be good in English.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa conditions
1. This visa is usually issued for two years.
2. The visa extension may be awarded for next three years in case investor created two jobs for native people.
3. The investor of this visa can file the case for permanent residency.
4. The dependant of the visa holder can live, work and study in this country on the behalf of this visa.
European Union Association Agreement.

This visa is specifically arranged for the national of Bulgaria and Romania who are willing to initiate new business and operate this business.
European Union Association Agreement requirements.
1. The applicant of this visa can initiate any sort of business and work as a full-time business runner.
2. The investor should have enough capital to establish this business as a profitable.
3. The investor must have applicable business plan.
4. The investor can run it independently or with partnership.

European Union Association Agreement conditions.
1. This visa is initially granted for two years.
2. The three years extension may be awarded in case the business is working according to plan.
3. In case the applicant is not fulfilling the conditions then visa extension may be refused.
4. On the behalf of this visa applicant can apply for permanent residence visa.

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