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The UK Skilled Worker (Tier 2)

The United Kingdom is located in the Europe and it is cultural and traditional country of the world. 

This country has sound economy because of huge investment by overseas investors in different businesses.

The United Kingdom always looking for skilled and experienced workers from all over the world that can 

enhances national economy as well as overcome the skilled employee shortage.

The United Kingdom inducts skilled employees through different Immigration Programs or Work Visas. 

However, the Tier 2 general visa program is specifically designed for skilled employees from overseas.

More importantly they have a valid job offer letter from the United Kingdom employer due to skilled worker shortage in this country.

This visa category offers limited seat in this category each year. 

Applicant from overseas and employees who are inside this country want to change their status can apply Tier 2 policy. 

Similarly, dependent of Tier 4 general student can also eligible for this visa category.



A resident labor market test release; or a resident labor market test by the sponsor;
An extension –
Continuing to work in the same occupation for the same sponsor.


Appropriate salary



The Tier 2 visa is for skilled individuals from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. 

This visa demands sponsorship from the United Kingdom employer and employer must have a valid sponsor license. 

There are different requirement for this skilled visa, but the prime and most important requirement for this visa is a 


valid sponsorship from a register licensed employer. 

It is also necessary that employee salary must be suitable and employee should have good level of English. 

The followings are the main category of the Tier 2 skilled worker visa.

1. Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer)

Tier 2 intra company transfer visa permit the individual to transfer to the United Kingdom from any foreign branch 

of the United Kingdom company to take responsibilities in a specific project.

This intra company transfer category offers handsome salary package to employee and there is no native individual who can fill this position.

This category is divided into two subcategories like short-term and long-term

The ICT category has been split into two subcategories-'short-term' and 'long-term'. 

The assessment criteria below apply to migrants making their initial application under one of the subcategories. 

A summary of each of the subcategories is provided in the table below the following Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer points information. 

This visa demands minimum 60 points from the following criteria. 

The sponsorship provides 30 points, suitable salary offers 20 points, maintenance provide 10 points, besides these requirements,

applicant must have £800 in his account three months prior to submission of application

Tier 2 (Minister Of Religion) Visa:

The Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa is designed for the individuals sponsored by the religious body from the United Kingdom. 

The applicant also applies for this visa to work for the sponsor in this country as a minister of religion. 

The visa holder perform the duties like preaching, leading worship, religious teaching, perform official duties at religious ceremonies, 

well being work, etc. However, the visa applicant will prove the fluency in English. 

This visa is for long-term while if an applicant visits this country for a short-term, then he should apply on Tier 5 temporary religious worker category.

3. Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa:

The elite sports person or coach who want to enhance their sports skill can apply on this Tier 2 Sportsperson visa. 

The applicant for this visa will concentrate on their sport with living and working in this country. 

It is necessary for this visa applicant that he/she must be a fantastic player or coach and want to improve their skills. 

He/she must have sponsor letter from licensed sponsor. However, some countries applicant for this category will prove their English language proficiency.

The UK Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Requirements:

1. Applicant must have valid passport and other travelling documents.

2. Recent passport sized color photographs of the applicant.

3. Proof of finds in the form of bank statements or other ways like traveler's cheque .

4. Proof of English language proficiency.

5. Medical fitness certificate from recommended hospital.

6. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the applicant

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