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New Zealand Working Visa

New Zealand is the neighbor of Australia and this country is also included in content Australia.
New Zealand is a new emerging economy of the world and flourishing with the passage of time.
This country has various industries and other commercial organization which requires skills and trained employee to overcome the shortage of the skilled labor.
These industries demands skilled and qualified employees who are not available in this country and that is why they induct these employees from other region of the world.
New Zealand demands work visa or permit from the foreign employees who want to work and live in this country.
New Zealand offers or introduces different types of work visa.
These entire work visas are different from each other because of requirements and terms..

1. New Zealand Skilled Migrant:

This is a category of skilled visa immigration enhance the performance and economy of this country.
The skilled employees are required about all industries and firms.
According to new work policy the more skilled employee application is processed swiftly.
This essential skill policy divides the skills into two categories like highly skilled and lowers skilled level employees.
The highly skilled visa applicants get five years work permit and later the applicant can get three years further
extension on this work visa.

Skilled Migrant Eligibility:

1. Applicant for this visa must be below the age of 56 years.
2. Applicant must prove health, character and English proficiency.
3. Applicant must score more than 100 points in Point System to register an Expression of Interest.

2. New Zealand Residence From Work Category:

The employee who is New Zealand for the last two years on a job to residence visa is eligible for residence status.
In case the employee once get residence visa through this status, then he can get access to public fended facilities.

Residence From Work Visa Eligibility:

1. Applicant is in New Zealand on work to residence visa from two years.
2. Applicant for this visa fulfills health and character requirements.

3. Essential Skills Work Visa:

In case an employee get a full-time job offer from New Zealand employer and you have
enough experience and skill to work in this job.
In this way applicant can apply for this temporary works visa in New Zealand.
The employer initially confirms that if any native were available to get this job and if not,
then induct overseas employee for that particular job.
The visa holder can support his partner and dependent children.
This work visa may extend to five years.
On this visa the visa holder can get education for three months in one year.
However, this work visa does not permit you for self-employment.

4. New Zealand Family Category Visa:

The family members who are the permanent citizen of this country or permanent resident,
then they can sponsor his partner to live in New Zealand.
The dependent children can be sponsored under this category.
However, the child should be below 16 years or 17 to 24 years, but should be unmarried.
Parents can be sponsored under this family visa program.
Similarly, brother and sister of the visa holder can also be sponsored, but they should be without their sibling.

5. Work Exchange Scheme Work Visa:

This work visa is run under the exchange scheme and it requires acceptance letter from the scheme organizer. 
This work visa is valid for one year and this visa does not allow the children and partner on this visa.

New Zealand Work Visa Requirements:

The work visa is an official document that allows the employee or worker to work and live in this country. 
This work visa needs some basic documents or requirements which must be provided by the work visas applicant.
The followings are necessary documents which should be provided by the work visa applicant in New Zealand.
1. Applicant for this work visa should be in good physique and not have any serious disease which can engulf other individuals.
2. Character of the applicant must be good and not involved in any unethical activity.
3. Applicant will prove his English skill thorough IELTS score.
4. Applicant must have skills or expertise, which is required in this country.
5. Attested copies of academic documents and other professional documents.
6. Recent passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
7. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country.

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