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New Zealand Work To Residence Visa

New Zealand is situated in continent Australia and has a sound economy because of industries and natural resources.
New Zealand is a new business and commercial horizon of this part of the world. 
This country is now looking for skilled and experienced employees from other region of the world. 
There are different types of work and immigration visas are available for this country. 
There are a lot of chances to grow within company, organization or firm if the employee is skilled and qualified. 
The employee who is serving there as a temporarily worker in New Zealand can get Permanent Residency
of this country after some time.
The employer in this country always looking for skills and expertise individuals those can enhance the national economy of this country. 
New Zealand encourages the applicant having outstanding talent in arts, culture or sports.

Work To Residence Visa Eligibility :

1. Applicant for this residence visa must have a valid passport and its validity should be more than three months. 
2. Applicant should be keenly interested to work in New Zealand.
3. Applicant must have plan to work, which is tilted for this visa.
4. Applicant for this visa should follow all the New Zealand's laws.
5. Applicant will stay until the validity of his visa in this country.

1. Long Term Skilled Shortage List:

The long-term skilled shortage list indicates profession, which is available and working still now. 
The work visa application may be simple who receives a job offer in one of the occupation on the list. 
There will be an advantage for the applicant he has a valid job offer from the employer in New Zealand.
Or he has an experience in related filed of skill shortage list.
The long-term skills shortage list keeps moving according to labor market. 
This list is renewed each year by adding or removing of some occupation from this list.
Currently, no occupation is added in this list, but removed the followings occupations like anesthetist,
 forest scientist, pathologist, petroleum engineer and renal medicine specialist.
If your occupation falls under long-term skilled shortage list then;
1. Applicant for this visa must have a valid full-time employment offer from the employer and it should be at least for two years. 
2. Applicant genuinely qualified through skills, training or experience for this job.
3. In case applicant's occupation needs registration, then he must either fully or provisionally registered.
4. Applicant for this visa should be less than 53 years of age.

2. The Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Category:

This category permit the recognized employer of new Zealand to induct the new talented employees 
from other region of the world.
It enhances the capacity of the native or old employees through fresh and energetic employees. 
This category allows for temporary multiple-entry for 30 months work permit that can be changed into permanent residence as work to residence.

3. The Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Category:

This category permit the employer of New Zealand to hire work employees from
other parts of the world to induct more skills and experience. 
This visa category provides 30 months multiple entry work permit and it can be converted
into permanent residence as work to residence in New Zealand.
1. Applicant for this visa must have a valid job offer letter from the recognized employer in New Zealand that 
    is authorized to provide skilled employee from other countries.
2. Applicant must have a valid job offer letter from the legal em  ployer and it must be at least for two years.
    However, it is necessary that the gross salary for that particular job should be at least NZ$55,000 per year.
If you apply under Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work Category then,
1. Applicant under this category must have extraordinary talent and that should be accepted and still prominent is that particular field. 
2. Applicant for this category should be sponsored by person or by an organization. 
3. Applicant must satisfy the authorities that how he will be beneficial for this country and enhance the national economy of this country. 
4. The sponsor will reveal that the sponsored person is an outstanding in his relevant fields like arts, culture or sports.

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