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New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa

New Zealand is an emerging economy of the world and has fantastic living standard in the world.
The majority of the people from all over the world want to settle in this country. 
New Zealand offers amazing jobs opportunities with handsome salaries and other packages. 
This country encourages the skilled employees and hires them according to their qualification and experience. 
New Zealand is excellent in jobs providing as well as offering permanent residency of this country. 
New Zealand pulls the skilled and expertise from other region of the world and provides excellent salaries. 
There are different types of work visas are available for overseas employees. 
Similarly a lot of immigration option is there for foreign employees and individuals having talent. 
International employees who want to work and live permanently then their visa application will be concentrating on skills.

Work To Residence Tor New Zealand

The skilled individuals get a job offers from New Zealand employer, or an individual has exceptional talent in sport or other arts.
All these condition offers temporary work visa that leads to permanent residence. 
Similarly the employees who are already in
New Zealand on their relevant work can apply residence from work.
The most common skilled migrant category of visa in New Zealand offers most rights of a citizen like multiple entry and leaves from the country. 
This category employee can work with any employer in this country. 
The employee under this category can get benefit from health and education sector.
This skilled migrant visa can be applied through two ways.

Skilled Migrant Category Stage 1:

The skilled migrant applicant has to fulfill an EOI requirement, 
in this EOI the employee declare his points for personal profile like age, skills, work experience, qualification, etc.
The total scored point indicates the fate of this EOI. In this initial or stage there is no need of any evidence or documentation.

Skilled Migrant Category Stage 2:

In case applicant's EOI is approved from the EOI pool. 
The Government of New Zealand will then decide whether they invite the applicant to apply for residence in this country based on points, which is claimed by the applicant. 
The EOI usually take about eight to twelve weeks and the ITA directed the applicant to submit relevant documents to nearest office. 
The application for residence along with supporting documents are submitted then the immigration authorities thoroughly assess and decide whether this visa will be awarded or not. 
On any stage the immigration officers can contact the applicant for any further document or information. 
However, usually this process takes six to none months.

How many points do I need for Skilled Migrant Category?

The Expression of Interest decides the point claimed by the applicant to be a skilled migrant. 
However, 100 point leads the EOI into pool, but more point means more chances for selection in this category.
In case applicant applies in skills shortage, then he will score then extra points through this. 
There are ten more points for those employees want to work other than the Auckland and twenty extra points for that applicant whose partner has skilled work or job offer. 
In case an applicant has 140 points or more than this, then he automatically selected for an ITA. 
In case an applicant score 100 to 135 points in EOI, but it may not be selected. 
The applicant has more chance of successes if he has a job offer from New Zealand.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Visa Requirements:

The skilled migration visa for New Zealand is a legal document that allows the visa holder to live and work in this part of the world.
The prime requirement for this skilled visa is skills or expertise. 
Moreover, it is important for the employee that his occupation or profession is required in this country. 

The followings are the basic requirement for this skilled migration visa.
1. Be asked to apply after submission of EOI (Expression OF Interest)
2. At the time of application submission the applicant must be less than 55 years of age.
3. Applicant skills must match and relevant with skilled occupation list.
4. Applicant’s skill must be relevant with nominated occupation.
5. Applicant must score at least 6.5 bands in IELTS in general or academic. 
6. Applicants for this visa category must score minimum 100 points in test. 
7. Applicant must have good physique and moral character.

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