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New Zealand Permanent Visa

New Zealand is a fantastic country located in the continent Australia and it is the best country in the world according to peace.
This country provides offers an amazing working environment.
This is first choice of the majority of the immigrant who wants to permanently settle in this country.
New Zealand has developed infrastructure, pleasant weather conditions, amazing landscape, financially stable population, 
less population and all these advantages make this country the first choice of the permanent resident applicant. 
There are different ways to secure the permanent residency of New Zealand.
The permanent residency is the legal document that permits the visa holder to stay in this country for unlimited period.
In initial two years of the residency the visa holder can freely move in out from this country.
This permanent residency provide about equal rights as the native people have.
In case of permanent residency the resident can invite his family members in this country.
The social security and medical facility will also be awarded to  New zealand  permanent resident.                                                             

New Zealand Permanent Residency Ways:-

There are different methods or ways to secure the permanent residency of this country.
The most familiar ways are through family category visa, skilled migrant, work to residence, etc.
Initially the applicant for permanent residence decides the category through that he will apply then fulfill the requirement for this category. 
The followings are some important visa categories for permanent residency.

Partner Or Family Sponsor Visa:-

In case the applicant have family or sponsor in New Zealand then applicant can live and work in this country. 
The resident of this country can invite these family members like husband, wife, and civil union partner. 
The partner must be over 18 years and they personally met with each other for about one year.

Eligibility For This Visa:

1. The sponsor of this visa must have at least NZ$65,000 per annum salary.
    Similarly, your partner and sponsor combined earning should be NZ$90,000 per annum. 
2. The applicant must have contains and bring minimum NZ$500,000 to New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Visa:

This visa category is for the skilled workers having experience and relevant qualification.
The applicant, having an occupation, which is demanded in this country or have a job offers from native employer. 
Similarly, applicant for this visa who has specific talent in sports or art is eligible for this category. 
Initially these categories provide temporary work visa then permanent residency. 
This visa category demands 100 points and there will be more chances if an applicant scores more than these points.
However, the applicant will be successful if he gets sponsor letter from employer in skilled category.

Work to Residence Visa:

New Zealand encourages skilled workers and if an applicant is working as temporary worker in this country and his occupation is included in the list and has talent,
then he will get his permanent residency. 
This country welcomes skilled immigrants who have expertise or skills in a particular field, which is demanded in this country.
Although initially the applicant work as a temporary works visa, but later he has a chance to get the permanent residency of this country.

New Zealand Permanent Visa Requirements:

The permanent resident visa is the legal document that allows the foreign immigrant to live permanently in this country and work anywhere in this country. 
There are few fundamental requirements for New Zealand permanent residency. 

1. Applicant for the permanent residency must be under 56 year of age at the time of application submission.
2. He must have valid passport having minimum two blank pages in it.  
3. Applicant must deposit visa processing fee and provide receipt of this deposit. 
4. Applicant provides all academic and professional documents.
5. Applicant and his family member must fulfill these requirements like health, character, English fluency.
6. Applicant must score minimum 100 point to qualify for this permanent residency visa. 

Applicant must fulfill the following conditions:

1: Health

Applicant, partner and children under 17 years clear their medical examination.

2: Character

The NZIS satisfy with that particular person and his character when there is no security risk from that person. 
If he has been deported from any country or involved in criminal activities is not eligible for this visa category.

3: Language

Applicant who is applying under skilled migrant category must fulfill the demands of English language in the form of fluency.

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