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New Zealand Parents Retirement Category Visa

New Zealand is an amazing country in the continent Australia. 
This country is financially stabled and has a lot of job opportunities. 
New Zealand has peaceful living environment and due to this huge number of individuals and families want to settle permanently in this country. 
New Zealand introduced different types of immigration visa and they have different requirements. 
Similarly New Zealand introduced parent retirement category visa and this category is for the people over the age of 65 years. 
The individuals, having link with New Zealand can get this sort of temporary retirement visa.
However, before this New Zealand does not allow the retire migrant over the age of 56 years. 
This temporary retirement visa offers two-year permit for British people who want to invest in New Zealand amount
minimum NZ $750,000 and it is initial investment and $500,000 for maintenance. 
Similarly retire person annual income must be at least $60,000 and this amount comes from pension and other investments.
This visa will renew after two years if the investor continue to fulfill the requirements. 
The parent visa offers permanent residency of this country if the applicant has equal or more than this family member inside
New Zealand than outside this country. 
The applicant must invest minimum NZ $1 million as a qualifying investment over four years and $500,000 for maintenance. 
The applicant also has minimum $60,000 per year income.
According to the statistic the majority of British retire individuals are living in this country under this scheme.
In case parent of New Zealand citizen or permanent resident can apply and stay under this parent retirement category.

Parents Retirement Category Eligibility:

Although there are numbers of eligibility for this parent's retirement category visa which
must be fulfill by the applicant to secure this visa for New Zealand. 
However, the followings are some most prominent and important eligibility for this category like:
1. The retire parent must be sponsored by an adult child living in
     New Zealand as permanent resident or citizen of this country.
2. The retire person must not have any dependent child.
3. The retire person must have enough money to support him in New Zealand.
4. The retire individuals also willing to invest require amount in this country.

Parent’s Retirement Category Visa Procedure:

This visa category, which is specifically designed for the retire parents. 
However, this category demands that the applicant or retire parent must have a connection with New Zealand through close family relation like son.
The child of retire person will the sponsor of his parents and he must be adult and citizen of this country or permanent resident of this country. 
There are few other conditions, which belong to retire person like investment.
The visa procedure is very simple and easy.
The retire parent apply for this visa through visa application. 
The immigration department of New Zealand thoroughly checks the documents, relationship and amount available for investment in this country. 
Once the immigration department clears this and offer retirement category visa then retire parents have one year to shift his 
capital that will be the NZ $1 million which will be invested in this country. 
However, at the end of four year investment period the investor will be converting into permanent resident of New Zealand.

Parent’s Retirement Category Visa Requirements:

There are few basic requirements for this parent retirement visa and the prime applicant must fulfill these requirements.
1. Applicant nominated funds or assets should be equal to minimum NZ$1 million and he is willing to invest this money in New Zealand for four years.
2. The applicant reveals that these funds are legally earned and acquired. 
3. Applicant shows that his annual income is at least NZ$60,000. 
4. Applicant valid passport having at lest six months validity and other traveling documents.
5. Birth certificate of sponsor son living in New Zealand as permanent resident or citizen. 
6. Proof of funds through bank statement and declaration that this money is legally earned. 
7. Applicant has enough funds for the expenditures of daily life in New Zealand.
8. Medical fitness certificate from the concerned medical unit or hospital. 
9. Declaration from the applicant that he will invest right amount according to policy.

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