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New Zealand Long Term Skilled Shortage List Visa

New Zealand is a new commercial hub of the world and having large industries. 
This country welcomes skilled workers with expertise. 
Moreover, this country encourages every single workers has special expertise in his relevant field. 
New Zealand is the best choice for the skilled and expertise to earn more than they expect from
this country and live a comfortable life. 
This country provides the best facilities and an excellent working environment.
In this country, employees apply according to their skills and abilities.
The immigrant from other countries to New Zealand is fantastic and beneficial because ,
they enhance the national economy of the country.
The overseas employees applying for skilled visa according to his skills and want to live permanently
in New Zealand then he falls in skilled migrant category. 
New Zealand is looking for people having skills, qualification and experience in their related filed of interest.
The job offers from the recognized employer in New Zealand means it is initial step toward the
permanent residency of this country.
This visa is designed for those employees having long-term shortage list visa and
working in New Zealand for more than two years. 
In case an employee is working and earns NZ$45,000 or more than this amount, 
then he is eligible for residence visa.
This visa allows the employee to live, work and study in New Zealand indefinitely. 
This visa is valid for 30 months and it has a potential to change into permanent visa. 

Long-Term Skilled Shortage List Visa Eligibility:

1. To apply for this visa it is necessary for the employee to work under this category 
    for more than two years in New Zealand.
2. The employee must be worked as a full-time employee in an occupation listed in long-term skills shortage list.
3. The employee who is applying for this category of visa should be under 55 years of age. 
4. Applicant has an offer of employment in New Zealand in an occupation listed in 
    occupation list and job period must be at least 24 months.

Skill Shortage Review Process:

New Zealand globally compete for skilled employees and demands certain skills. 
The administration adds these skills in essential skills in demands lists. 
The employees with skills on the lists will easily get temporary work visas like 
long-term shortage and resident visas. 
The ministry of business, innovation and employment mange three shortage lists and these lists contain 
skilled occupations that New Zealand employers search it difficult to recruit for.
These three list areas follow:-
1. The Long-Term Skill Shortage List.
2. The Immediate Skill Shortage List.
3. The Canterbury Skill Shortage List.

Long Term Skill Shortage List: 

Long-term skill shortage list (LTSSL) identifies occupations where there is shortage
of skilled workers world level as well as entire New Zealand. 
In case an applicant or employee secure a job an occupation on the LTSSL and fulfill all the listed requirements. 
Then, employee can get work to residence visa under the long-term shortage list work visa. 
In other words, employee is eligible to apply for residence visa in two years. 
However, the salary must be minimum NZ$45,000.

Immediate Skill Shortage List:

The immediate skill shortage list (ISSL) contains occupations where skilled workers are required immediately in New Zealand. 
However, it is indicated that there is no New Zealand citizen or resident is there to take this job.
This is the fastest in application processing because of immediate requirement of employees. 
In case job is offered on the ISSL and fulfills the listed requirements then 
applicant gets essential skills work visa. 
This visa allows the employees to work in New Zealand temporary. 
However, the employee is not able to apply for residence.

Canterbury Skill Shortage List:

The Canterbury skill shortage list (CSSL) equipped occupations in critical shortage in the
Canterbury region following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. 
It shows the occupations on the immediate and long-term skill shortage lists 
regarding to Canterbury reconstruct. 
In case employee skills are needed in the CSSL and applicant gets a job offer in 
Canterbury then the employee will get essential skills work visa. 
In case occupation is also on the LTSSL then applicant can apply for Residence.

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