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New Zealand Family Category Visa

New Zealand is an outstanding country of the continent Australia which has peaceful living conditions. 
There are abundant job opportunities for both skilled and raw handed employees. 
New Zealand encourages skilled and expertise individuals and there are different sort of work visas as well as immigration programs.
Among the different immigration programs one is family category visa. 
The family category visa allows the family member of the
New Zealand citizen or permanent resident to join them and work in this country.
There is some restriction for family visa sponsorship regarding earning in New Zealand.
Moreover, it is necessary for the sponsor that he/she will prove his/her relation with sponsored person from outside the new Zealand.
New Zealand government encourages family reunion, but demands that all requirements must be fulfilled by the applicant.
New Zealand Sponsors The Following Family Members:-
New Zealand citizen or permanent resident can sponsor his partner and there is different relationship in this category like husband, 
wife, de-facto or civil union partner.

New Zealand Permanent Resident Eligibility:

It is necessary for the partner that they have personally met, staying together for more than one year, both partner must be over 18 years of age,
if less than this, then they should be supported by guardian and they should not be close relative. 
Applicants for this visa category should have good physique and moral character.

Dependent Child Of Sponsor:-

In this category only dependent kinds of the sponsor in New Zealand are entertained.

Dependent Child Of Sponsor Eligibility:

1. The dependent child should be less than 17 years of age and single and if he is 18 to 24 years, then must have
    no kids of his own. 
2. The child must be born or adapted by his parents prior to apply the residence. 
    In case the child is born or adopted after his parents applied for residence then new rules will be applied in this case.
3. You should be economically dependent on any adult if you are 18 years of age and if 18 to 20 years, then eligible
    as a dependent child.
    In case the child is between 21 to 24 years then prove that you are dependent on an adult for financial assistance. 
4. In case a child is living with one parent from outside New Zealand. 
    Then, the parent inside New Zealand satisfying the authority that the custody rights of other parent will not be
    damaged if kid comes to New Zealand.

3. Parent Of Sponsor:

Parents Sponsor Eligibility:

1. Parent must file and receive an invitation through EOI.
2. Parent should have good physique and moral character. 
3. You must not have any dependent child under the age of 24 and he/she is depending upon you for
    financially, physically or emotionally. 
4. You must be sponsored your child having age 18 years and is a New Zealand citizen or
    resident for minimum three years. 
5. You have an ability of English language according to the IELTS band 4

Eligibility For Tier 1:

1. Sponsor or his/her partner must get at least of NZ$65,000 per year while the collective earning of sponsor
    and his/her partner should be NZ$90,000 per year.
2. Applicants must have assured lifetime earnings at least NZ$27,319 per year.
3. Applicants must carry minimum NZ$500,000 to New Zealand and ensure that this amount is earned legally

Eligibility For Tier 2:

Your sponsor or his/her partner must get at least of NZ$33,675 per year.
You and your partner living legally in country where you children are living legally and permanently.
The visa process fee is must be deposit by the sponsor according to the rules and regulation.

New Zealand Family Category Visa :

1. Valid passport and traveling document of family visa applicant.
2. Sponsor letter from New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
3. Tuberculosis test clearance report and x-rays.
4. Police or security clearance certificate from native country of the visa applicant.
5. Recent passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
6. Visa process fee deposit receipt.
7. Valid IELTS certification.
8. Birth certificate, marriage certificate and bank statement.

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