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Canada, Quebec Skilled Work Visa

Quebec is a part of Canada, but Canadian provinces have their own rules and regulations regarding immigration.
Quebec also hires skilled employees from other countries of the world.
Quebec is vast province of Canada and it is situated in the east central zone of Canada and French is frequently speaking there.
The majority of the masses speaks French as a sole language. Quebec has large industries like aerospace, information technology, Software and multimedia sectors.
There are a lot of commercial units and other businesses:-
Quebec skilled worker is provincial nomination immigration scheme permit the skilled individuals from all over the world to fill the skilled worker shortage.
The processing time is different in different cases, but usually it takes between seven months to 39 months.
In this program applicant can get an extra points if he has relevant education and experience.
The followings are some most demanded profession in this region of the world like information technology experts,
 Engineers, Account experts, teachers, health care professionals and marketing individuals.

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility Criteria:

The followings are some important and vital personal profile factors which affect the chances of immigration.
These factors offer different ranges of points according to the given information by the applicant of this program.
However, some of them are as follows.


The skilled employee qualification or training certification should be foreign recognized institutes or equivalent to Quebec diploma or education.
The training diploma must be issued within last five years, but prior to applying this visa.
However, the condition is if employee does not have diploma, then he must have one year relevant experience to area of training.

Work Experience:

Work experience is necessary for employee as a full-time or part-time or internship as a full or part-time.
However, training is considered in both paid and unpaid employment.
The training or related diploma should be within five years.


It is necessary for the skilled immigrant who is, applying in Quebec province must be over 17 years.
The employee who is under this mentioned age is not eligible for this Quebec skilled worker immigration.

Language Skills:

There are few basic requirements in language category just mentioned below.
1. Applicant must have English skills, which is not less than CBL 5.
2. The applicant who is claiming French threshold level is 7 or it should be equivalent level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
3. Relationship with Canadian citizen and Quebec residents.

Points Breakup For Quebec Skilled Worker:

Quebec skilled worker program is based on points system and a single employee requires 49 points,
but married individuals must score at least 57 points under the following breakup.
The applicant can score maximum points from given table.

Quebec Skilled Worker Supporting Documentation:

Quebec skilled worker program is designed for the skilled employees from other parts of the world to reside in this province and overcome the shortage of the skilled employees.
This program is the point based and there are different personal profile factors, the followings documents are also compulsory for this immigration program.
Quebec skilled worker immigration needs Quebec form A-0520-AA"Application for Selection Certificate-SKILLED WORKER".
The mentioned documents are necessary and vital for this application.
1. Financial self-sufficiency contract (Quebec immigration form A-0522-OA)
2. Power of attorney authorization (if applicable)
3. Declaration in the case of practicing in trade or profession.
4. Declaration in case applicant is a teacher.
5. Photocopies of valid passport of the applicant indicating issue and expiry date.
6. Copies of birth certificate from the native country of the applicant.
7. Copies of marriage certificate, certificate of wife death.
8. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or medical unit.
9. Copies of all academic degree, certificates or diplomas.
10. Copies of French language testing certification like TEF, TEFAQ, TEF Canada, TCF, TCFQ, DELF or DALF. Or IELTS for English language test.


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