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Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia is in eastern Canada's Maritime province situated in the Atlantic.

This part of the world is famous for water sports. This is fantastic place to live because of marvelous quality of life in affordable expenditures.

This province is health conscious and prefers health issue first.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program:

This Nova Scotia provincial nominee program is a legal program designed by the Government of Nova Scotia to hire skilled and 

qualified immigrants from other region of the world who are willing to stay in this part of the world, but they must be equipped with skills,

qualification and related work experience.

However, this induction of the skilled employee share labor market and enhance economy of the province. 

The followings streams also belong to this visa category.

The Skilled Works Stream:

This category belonged to those employees who have skills and receives a job offer letter from Nova Scotia employer.

The employees have skilled, low skilled and semi skilled can apply under this stream.

The Entrepreneur Stream:

This stream is for those foreign investors who are willing to invest in this part of the world or establish new business.

It is necessary that they must have enough funds to start new business.

The Intern National Graduate Entrepreneur Stream:

This stream is for graduates who have completed their education from Nova Scotia University or college and managing their own business 

in this province from last one year and have a plan to reside permanently in this province.

Eligibility criteria for Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program:

1. Applicant should be in between 21 and 55 at the time of application filing at Nova Scotia Office of Immigration.

2. Applicant must have language ability according to Canadian language benchmark scale or Niveaux de compétence linguistique Canadians minimum CLB. NCLC Level 5.

3. Applicant proposed occupation should be included in Occupational Classification (NOC) level 0, A, or B or demanded by the labor market.

4. Applicant for this visa must have required funds according to the needs and demands of this visa.

5. Applicant must have diploma, which is equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma with at least 12 years of education.

6. Applicant should be equipped with two years of continues full-time work experience in last five years and it should be according to the occupation list of Nova Scotia.

7. Applicant must have a plan to reside in this province permanently.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program visa Procedure:

Nova Scotia provincial nominee program is specifically for this province and it has its own requirements and it has its own application process.

This program demands specific application form and attaches all required documents and then files this application at Nova Scotia Office of Immigration for review.

This application will take at least three months.

In second step applicant can apply for citizenship and immigration Canada for permanent resident visa within six months after getting nominee certificate.

However, it is necessary for the applicant, his spouse and dependents that they must fulfill the demands of medical fitness certificate, security clearance, etc.

Nova Scotia Demand Expresses Entry:

This express entry is based on federal government express entry immigration selection system.

This visa program is designed for skilled and qualified overseas employees that facilitate the employee to settle in this country.

This stream has two categories like arranged employment in Nova Scotia while other category is paid work experience in an opportunity occupation.

Nova Scotia demands expresses entry selection factors

It is necessary for the applicant of this visa they must get at least 67 points out of 100 points.

These points are secured from personal profile like age, education, language, work experience, adaptability and arranged job offer.


Election factor



Max 25 points

Ability in English or French

Max 28 points

Work experience

Max 15 points


Max 12 points

Arrange job

Max 10 points


Max 10 points


Max 100 points

Qualifying points

67 points

Nova Scotia demands expresses entry requirements:

1. Applicant must have overseas diploma or certificate that should have equivalency with Canadian educational credential.
2. Applicant must have one year full-time or part-time experience in last six years.
3. Applicant must fulfill the requirement of language fluency which must be according to Canadian language
   benchmark (CLB) 7 in all segments like reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

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