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Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal skilled workers Program is an ideal immigration system through that a foreign individual can get a permanent residency of Canada.

The skilled employee settles in Canada through this category as a permanent resident of this country.

This program emphasized the skill and expertise of the overseas worker.

This program demands minimum 67 points to apply for this and points are gathered through applicant age, qualification, work experience, language ability, etc.

The Federal skilled workers Program need points which come from personal profile of the applicant.

The followings are the major point's categories of this worker's programs, but all segments of this calculator system have their own calculations.

It is compulsory for the applicant that his profession must be entitled in Canadian occupations list like Skill Types O, Skill Level A and Skill Level B.

Moreover, the degree or qualification of the overseas skilled employee is calculated through Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
in which his degree, diploma or certification is matched Canadian credentials.


The applicant of this  Federal skilled workers Program if has.

1.University qualification like Ph.D or equal gets-25 points

2.University qualification master level or equal gets-23 points

3.University professional degree like Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Medicine, gets 23 points.

4.Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal should have three year duration gets-22 points.

5.Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal should have three year duration or more than this gets-21 points.

6.Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal should have two year duration gets-19 points.

7.Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal should have one year duration gets-15 points.

8.Canadian school diploma for one year duration or parallel gets-15 points.

Work Experience:

The applicant of this Federal skilled workers Program has maximum 15 points, 
but applicant gets points according to his relevant experience in years as mentioned in following table.

Experience Maximum

15 points

1 year Experience

9 points

2-3 years Experience


11 points

4-5 years Experience

13 points 

6 or more years Experience

                                      15 points

Age awarded points:

The maximum points for this factor are 12 which will be awarded to applicants having age between 18 to 35 years,

but age below 18 score zero point while age group 47 and more than this gets no points.

However, the other age group individuals get mentioned points according to their age category.

English Skills Points:

The points awarded in this category are through approved language test that indicates the level of applicant English proficiency in writing, reading, listening and speaking.

However, it is necessary for the applicant that he must score at least 7 points under Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in mentioned four aptitudes.

It is vital that the test must not be older more than two years at the time of application submission.

Federal Skilled Worker Program Eligibility:

The applicant who is from overseas can apply for this skilled works program if he fulfill the followings requirements or liabilities.

1. Applicant must be worked as a full-time employee for minimum one year in applied profession in last 10 years in any one of the categories like Skill 0, A and B.

2. Applicant must be equipped with minimum English needs according to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7.

3. Applicant is eligible for this if he has Canadian Diploma, Bachelor, and trade certificate verified by Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

4. Applicant does not have any criminal record.

Federal Skilled Worker Program Requirements:

The followings are some basic requirements for this program and these requirements must be fulfill by the applicant of this skilled worker program for Canada.

1. Applicant must have a relevant experience in his own applied occupation.

2. The applied occupation should be included in Canadian occupation lists.

3. Applicant must gather the required minimum point that is 67.

4. A job offers letter from the Canadian employer verified by Labor Market Impact Assessment.

5. Language suitability which must be 7 according to Canadian Language Benchmark.

6. Applicant of this program from overseas must have enough funds to support him in this country. 

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