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Federal Skilled Trade program (FSTP)

Canada is located in the North America continent and it is developed country of the first world.
Canada has fantastic life and job opportunities for all skilled employees and raw handed labor.
Canada always tries to hire skilled employees from other countries of the world to fill the skilled employee gap in labor market.
Canada always welcomes and encourage overseas employees having skills, qualification and relevant experience.
Canadian provinces and Quebec area has its own working employees induction program.
There are different types of skilled employee programs in Canada and under these programs they hires qualified and skilled workers from all over the world.
Similarly the Federal skilled trades program is designed for those employees who have qualification and want to settle in this country after getting job offer letter from the employer.
Canadian government only issue 3000 visas under this category.
Canada offer in 43 occupations those are divided into category A and category B.

Federal Skilled Trades Program Eligibility:

The following eligibility conditions must be fulfill by the applicant that is looking for visa under this program.
1. Applicant must have a plan to live in this country except Quebec.
2. Applicant must have minimum language ability of (LCB) 5 for speaking and listening.However, CLB 4 level in reading and writing capacities.
3. Applicant must have minimum two years experience in his related filed prior to apply for this visa.
4. Applicant has an ability to do all concerned tasks declared in National Occupational Classification (NOC).
5. Applicant must have full-time experience in related field or one year certification in skilled trade released by territorial body.

Federal Skilled Trade Program Trade Categories:

The followings trades are included in this Federal skilled trade program.
Applicant from overseas or foreign applicant can apply in these given trades.
These mentioned trade are most demanded trade in Canada.
Moreover, all these trade or job type demands different types of requirements like qualification, experience and language fluency.

Major Group 72:-

The overseas applicant who applies under this group will be eligible to get a job in industries, electrical companies and constructions firm.

Major Group 73:-

The overseas employee can apply in maintenance and equipment operation trades in this country under this group.

Major Group 82:-

This group provides different types of jobs to foreign employees like supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agricultural and other relevant fields of agriculture.

Major Group 92:-

This group offers jobs or positions in different sectors like processing sections, manufacturing units, utilities and central operators.

Major Group 632:-

This group permits the overseas employees to apply in hotels and restaurants or directly apply for chefs and cooks jobs.

Major Group 633:-

This group allows the foreign employees in jobs like butchers and bakers.

How to Apply Federal Skilled Trade Program?

Although the procedure is not complicated, but still it takes time to reach the acceptance level.
In initial stage applicant get or received a relevant application form from Canadian embassy, consulate or online.
Applicant should fill out this application form according to instructions and then deposit visa processing fee and after this submits the application.
The speed of application processing depends upon the trade applied by the applicant.
Once candidate get invitation from the employer or government or province and for this the applicant have 60 days to respond.
It is necessary for the applicant of this visa that he must attach all necessary documents.

Federal Skilled Trade Program Requirements:

The eligible applicant for this visa program in Canada must provide the followings necessary and vital documents for this visa processing:

1. Applicant must have a plan to reside outside the Quebec because Quebec has its own selection criteria for overseas immigrants.
2. Applicant must be up to the standard according to English or French and he must be good in speaking, reading, writing and listening.
3. Applicant for this visa class must have two years full-time work experience or same period work experience as a part-time employee.
    the experience should be in skilled trade within the five years before the file submission.
4. Applicant must fulfill all the requirements mentioned in National Occupational Classification.
5. Medical fitness certificate is required from the applicant from recommended hospital or clinic.

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