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Canadian Experience Class

Canada is a fantastic destination of immigrant that provides the best job opportunities and amazing living standard.
This country has introduced different types of immigration programs for overseas applicant.
Candidate who have passed some time in Canada and equipped enough skill experience and have good understanding of English or French.
Similarly, students and temporary work visa holder can apply through Canadian experience class to secure permanent residency in this country.
Canadian experience class is deals through express entry selection system.
The candidates from overseas who are eligible for this program must submit their expression of
interest in immigration to Canada experience class.
After, this applicant receives invitation to apply if his expression to interest remains successful.
The overseas student in Canada can apply and get easily permanent residence of this country and it is simple and swift way to get this permanent residency status.
Canadian experience class is divided into three main categories.

1.Canadian Experience Class:-

This experience class is for international graduates and overseas employees
who can work anywhere in Canada except Quebec.

2.Quebec Experience Class:-

This class is designed for foreign graduates and overseas employees in Quebec. 

3.Provincial Experience Streams:-

This program is for provinces and in Canada there are various provinces and
territories that have their own rules and regulation regarding overseas employes.   
1.Applicant’s skill must be included in National Occupation Code and experience must be one of the following like Skill type 0, Skills type A or Skill type B. 
2.Applicant must have one year relevant experience in his nominated occupation in last three years. 
3.Applicant must have fluency in English or French and have at least 6 bands in IELTS. 
4.Applicant of this program does not have any plan to settle in Quebec.

Canadian Experience Class Benefits:

1. The employee of this category visa is willing to live and work in this country. 
2. Applicant can sponsor his family and can change family status as a permanent residence of this country. 
3. The employee under this program can apply for permanent residency after passing three years in this country.

Canadian Experience Class Procedure:-

In case a candidate is going to apply for this Canadian experience class from within this country
then the application will be entertained by the Centralized Intake office (CIO).
However, the applicant who is interested in this visa and applying for this from away from Canada then this application will be processed by Ottawa Case Processing Pilot Center.
The Canadian immigration visa officer thoroughly reviews or checks the application forwarded by an applicant.
In some case the visa officer call to interview in Canadian embassy for personal interview.
It is also necessary for this visa that an applicant must clear his medical exam.
Similarly, the applicant will also pay a Right of Permanent Residence fee and in case of successful interview the visa officer release permanent resident card.

An Expression of Interest In Immigrating to Canada:

Expression of interest in immigrating to Canada is necessary for applicants who are eligible for this permanent residence program.
The applicant provides all his personal profile information just like age, qualification, experience, language ability and other relevant information.
In case the eligibility is approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) then it means you have solid chances for this visa category.
An applicant who does not have any job offer from Canadian employer, then he must register with Canada's Job Bank.

Canadian Experience Class Requirements:

Canadian experience class immigration is a legal way to enter in Canada and work,
but this class demands some basic or fundamental requirements from the application of this class.
The followings are some vital requirements for this Canadian experience class.
1. Applicant can apply for this if he has a plan to reside outside the Quebec.
2. Applicant must have minimum two years full-time work experience as temporary overseas employee.
3. Similarly, overseas graduate from Canadian post-secondary institution and have minimum one year full-time experience in Canada. 
4. Applicant experience in Canada must be legal or through study authorization,
5. Applicant must apply when he is working in Canada or within one year after leaving Canada. 
6. Provide result of language test from authority designated by CIC along your application. 
7. Applicant for this class can apply through common-law partner and the main applicant will be the principal applicant


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