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Canada working holiday visa

Canada is a land of opportunities having huge natural resources.
Canada welcomes millions of employees, students, immigrants and visitors from other countries of the world.
Canada offers different types of  Canada working visas   and one of them is Canada working holiday visa that provide an opportunity to
young people to secure experience during short-term holiday.
This visa is designed for the age group between 18 to 30 years.
This working holiday visa is for those young people who have an agreement with Canadian government to flourish culture and heritage.
This visa is only to enhance relationship among the nations to understand the art, culture and values of other countries.
The followings countries nationals are eligible to apply for this Canada working holiday visa like :
Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Denmark, Austria,
Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Greece, Costa Rica, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, 
France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Taiwan,
Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Spain and Switzerland.

Canada Working Holiday Visa Advantages:

1.This working holiday visa allows the visa holder to reside in this country from one to two years according to applicant nationality.
2.This work visa holder can get work lawfully.
3.This visa category introduces new culture and tradition of this country. 
4.This visa offers sound work experience of this country that may be beneficial after this tour.

Apply For Canada Working Holiday Visa:

This working holiday visa is for the young individuals and these young individuals visit Canada without any prior arranged job.
The duration of this visa varies according to the belonging country.
On receiving the invitation from Canada due to mutual agreement among the members countries the applicant has 10 days to accept or denied this offer.
In case of acceptance this offer the applicant then applies for this Canada working holiday visa.
The applicant submits application along with all other related documents including security clearance certificate.
It is necessary that applicant for this working holiday visa must belong to one of those thirty countries that have bilateral agreement with Canada.

Canada Working Holiday Visa Procedure:

The visa process for this International Experience Canada or Canada working holiday visa take about three months.
However, this processing time will be different in different cases.
When an applicant for this visa applies in the pool for consideration, but this visa is based on lottery system.
However, for this Canada working holiday visa the applicant need to create his account MyCIC and in this way he will enter in this Canada working holiday visa pool.
The organizer of this visa scheme selects random application and invites the selected applicant to apply for this visa.

The followings are some basic step for this Canada Working Holiday Visa:
1.Initially they send you a questionnaire and you have a limited time to answer these questions for eligibility.
2.In case you are eligible for this visa then you have to create your MyCIC account.
3.In this account you have to submit your IEC profile and now applicant is title for this visa.
4.In case when you receive an invitation letter from Canadian organizers to apply. The invitation
means that your visa has been finalized and you have to send your application and other required documents for this visa process.

Canada Working Holiday Visa Requirements:

Canada working holiday visa is the legal document for those young individuals belong to the mentioned thirty countries and have an opportunity to visit this part of
the world and work with an employer about six months.

This working holiday visa demands some basic requirements from the applicant which must be fulfill by this visa applicance:
1. The applicant must belong to one of the mentioned countries.
2. The applicant must be outside from Canada at the time of case submission.
3. Applicant for this visa should be between 18 to 30 years at application submits date.
4. Applicant cannot be placed prior to one year of departure. 
5. Applicant deposits the visa processing fee along with application.
6. Working holiday visa applicant cannot bring any family member in Canada. 
7. Applicant must be physically fit and have good moral character. 
8. Applicant of this visa should have minimum 2500 CAD$ for initial support. 
9. Working holiday visa demands health insurance from the applicant.
10.Applicant must submit a security clearance certificate from the belonging country.

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