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Canada Permanent Residency Visa

Canada is located in the North America continent, which is next door neighbor of the United States.
This country is full of natural resources and included in first world because of development.
Canada is a fantastic country for residing and working that is why the majority of the immigrant selects this country as their second home.
This country has clear and comparatively flexible immigration policies. Moreover, Canada has the best job opportunities and excellent living environment.
Canada introduced different kinds of immigration categories and they offer permanent residency visa to skilled and professional overseas applicant.
Canada has three basic immigration categories like Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled worker Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), etc.
The majority of these categories are based on point system which has different factors like age, qualification, language proficiency, job experience, etc.
Canada initially issue the overseas immigrant permanent residents card known as PR Card.
This shows that the cardholder is the permanent resident of Canada.
If the resident cardholder travels outside the territory, then he must have permanent resident card to renter in this country because it is the real legal document that allows the cardholder to reenter in this country.
There are various advantages of this resident card that allows the cardholder to live in this country, can study or work any part of the country.
The bearer of this card can submit application for Canadian citizenship.
On this resident card the cardholder can get medical assistance and other social benefits equal to Canadian natural citizen.
However, there are some restrictions for permanent resident like he/she cannot vote or take part in political activities. He/she cannot get a job which requires high security clearance.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Categories

There are different types of Canada resident visa which have different requirements and demands.

1. Canada Express Entry immigration

Canadian authorities select skilled and talented individual under this category or program and offer permanent residency visa.
However, Canadian authorities keeping in view the labor market requirement of this country.
The selection under this immigration system is based on points which are divided into different factors like age, qualification, experience and language proficiency.
The same criterion is also being used by the provinces and territories to pick the skilled immigrants.
Canada Express Entry visa requirements

The followings are some basic or fundamental requirements for this Canadian express entry visa.
1. Language test score, which is valid for two years.
2. Qualification according to the Canadian education and Educational Credential Assessment is valid for five years.
3. Candidate for this visa requires applying online in Express entry and submitting EOI.
4. It requires minimum 67 points based on different factors.
5. Applicant must provide physical fitness and character certificate.

2. Federal Skilled Workers Program 

This permanent residency program is for skilled workers who can get residency on this ground.
This Canadian immigration category provides permanent settlement on expertise.
This visa category requires minimum 67 points in factors like age, qualification, experience and language ability.

3. Education.

1. University education at PhD level, 25 points.
Master degree level 23 points.
Secondary degree or diploma 19 points
2. Experience. Maximum 15 points. 1 year 9 points, 2-3 years 11 points, 4-5 years 13 points, 6 or more than this 15 points.
3. Under 18 years 0 point, 18 -35 12 points, 36 years 11 points, 37 years 10 points, 38 years 9 points, 39 years 8 points, 40 years 7 points, 41 years 6 points, 42 years 5 points, 43 years 4 points.
4. English abilities. First official language 6 points, second official language 4 points.
5. Arrange employment 10 points.
6. Adaptability 10 points.
7. Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

This category of skilled visa is to trade workers and they receive an offer from Canadian employer.

This trade category program list contains 43 occupations. 

Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program requirements

The followings are some basic requirements for this trade program visa just as.

1. Applicant can settle anywhere in Canada except Quebec.
2. Minimum 5 points in speaking and listing while 4 points in reading and writing.
3. Applicant must have two years full working experience at the time of application submission.
4. Applicant must have an offer as a full-time employment.

However, there are some other Canadian different permanent resident visa categories just as

1. Canada Experience class
2. PNP programs
3. Quebec skilled worker program
4. Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed
5. Family Sponsorship
6. Live in Care giver Visa.

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