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Canada Immigration for Investor Entrepreneur and Self Employed

Canada is popular among the world top investors because of fantastic facilities provided by the Canadian government.
Canada is leading in some industries like automotive, petroleum, agriculture, information technology, aerospace and shipbuilding.
Canada offers low business expenditure and amazing research and development make this country amazing country of the world.
Canada immigration  and Government welcomes individuals from other countries of the world who are willing to invest and enhance the national economy of this country.
In Canada, there are a lot of opportunities for international investors to invest in different sectors and earn huge profit.
Canada provides different facilities and relaxation to foreign investors to encourage them and others to invest more capital in this country.
Canada introduced different types of immigration visas. The followings are some important types of immigration categories.


This program is currently suspended, but application which has been filed by the investors prior to this notice is still in progress.
The authorities are taking action of those particular applications. Currently, the applicant can apply under this program in Quebec.
However, Quebec immigrant investment program is still working.


This program is currently offline, but filed applications are in progress.
This suspended period will carry on until the next notice.

Start Up Visa Program:-

This start up program is introduced for those international investors those who have ability, expertise and experience to initiate new business in Canada.
Canadian government expects from the investor to establish new business in Canada and provides jobs to the national of this country as 
well as contributes the economy of this country.
The overseas investor positively contributes in the national economy of this country by offering jobs to native of this country.

Canada Immigration for Investor Entrepreneur Requirements:-

Canada immigration for investor entrepreneur program provides an opportunity to international investors to 
invest in this country and earn their profit from relax taxation system.
Canada also provides different facilities, assistance and support to foreign investors during establishing business set up in this country.
The followings are some basic requirements for this Canada Immigration.

Support by Designated Organization:-

An applicant for this visa who is willing to invest in this country needs to support from nominated entity or organization in Canada.
Such type of organization should offer a letter of support to the investor and this requires letter for visa application.
The application attaches this letter with his application and filed case for visa.

Applicant must fulfill the level of language fluency, which is (CLB 5) in any language like English or French.
Applicant must be equipped with language test from recognized authority like IELTS.
However, it is necessary for the applicant that he must prove his language fluency in all four sectors like Speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Need To Have Enough Capital:-

It is necessary for the applicant that he must have enough money to support yourself and family members if he has with.
Applicant must provide a solid proof that he has enough funds while submitting visa application.

Self Employed Person Program:-

This program is introduced by the Canadian government for those applicants who want to settle in this country as self-employed after entering in this country.
There are some suggestions for this category visa applicant that they have to contribute in culture or athletics activities or farm management, 
it means they have to involve in farm purchasing and managing in this country.

Self Employed Person Program Requirements:-

The followings are some core and basic requirement for this self-employed person program.

Appropriate Experience:-

The experience of an applicant will be accepted if he has performed in cultural and athletics activities at international level.
The other condition is that applicant will be self-employed in any cultural or athletics activities.
Similarly, in case the applicant has an experience in farm management.

Selection Criteria:-

The selection of individuals under this visa program is based on the following requirements like age, 
language ability, qualification, experience and adaptability.

Medical, Security And Other Related Requirements:-

The applicant and other family members who are accompanying will provide medical fitness 
certificate as well as character certificates.

Proof Of Funds:-

The applicant will provide the financial supporting documents those indicate that 
he has enough funds to establish him in this country on his arrival with family members.

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