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Canada Family and Spouse Class Immigration

Canada is developed country of the North America and belongs to first class world.
This country contains fantastic infrastructure and industrial network.
Moreover, Canada is full of natural resources as well as large industries.
Canada always tries to induct more experienced and expertise individuals from other countries of the world to overcome the skilled employee shortage.
Thai country welcomes skilled and trained employees from other region of the world. Similarly, there
are different types of  canada  family or spouse class immigration.
However, Canada permits the overseas employee to invite their spouse, common law partner or other eligible family member in this country.

Canada Family And Spouse class Immigration Sponsor Eligibility: 

This family visa is a legal document to sponsor family members to live in this country,
but prior to this there are some requirements which must be fulfill by the applicant.
The followings are some important eligibility for this visa as mentioned below.
1. The sponsor in Canada must be over 18 years of age
2. Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of this country.
3. It is necessary for the sponsor that he must be in good financial position and can support the family members in Canada during their stay.
The stay of family members may extend from three years to ten years.
In case the sponsor has sponsored someone else in past and that sponsored person request the government for financial assistance then are not allowed to sponsor any other individual.

Eligibility Of The Spouse:

There are few requirements from the spouse who is going to be sponsored by the sponsor from Canada.
1. The spouse should be more than 18 years of age at the time of sponsoring.
2. The sponsored spouse should be lawfully married or in a common-law relationship.
3. In case the marriage ceremony was held in this Canada then marriage certificate is required from state, territory or provincial government.
4. If the marriage is held outside Canada, then the certification should be from that particular country according to the rules and regulation of the country.
5. The sponsored spouse should have clearance from native country and does not have any health issue.

Eligibility Of Dependent Child:

1. The dependent child must be below 22 years of age and don't have spouse or legal partner.
2. In case the child is over 22 years of age, but meets two commotions like must be indulge in full-time studies and dependent on parents regarding finance issues.
3. In case a child has a spouse or legal partner, then he must be a full-time ongoing student or fully dependent on parents since he has spouse or law partner.
4. In case a child is more than 22 years of age dependent on his parents because of physical or mental disorder.

Eligibility of Other sponsored Relative:

Canada permits the citizen of this country or permanent resident to sponsor his near and dears, but there are some conditions or requirements in this regard.
There is little limitation to sponsor about sponsored individuals.
1. The sponsor can be sponsored his brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, granddaughter and grandsons and they are orphaned, below 18 years of age, single or in a common-law relationship.
2. Applicant can sponsor any relative regardless of age factor, but it is necessary that the sponsor do not have spouse or common law-partner.
3. Applicant can sponsor his family members according to legal way.

How To Apply for Canada Family And Spouse Class Immigration?

Canada family and spouse class immigration visa needs a proper application from the sponsor for the sponsored person like spouse and children.
Initially get an application along with detail catalog that provide whole instructions about the form filling out and other required documents detail.
Applicant then fills out the form properly and attaches all required documents with this application.
It is necessary for the applicant that he must confirm that the sponsored person is your relative are eligible for this sponsorship because the sponsorship fee will not be refunded.

The followings are some conditions those are must be fulfilled by the applicant.
1. A Sponsor will provide his income detail
2. Sponsor declares that he will support the sponsored person during his day.
3. Relative dependent children can be included on your relative application.
4. Pay your visa processing fee and attach receipt with application.
5. Submit your application online or through reliable courier service.

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