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Canada Express Entry

Canada is a developed country of the first world, which is located in the North America.
This country is vast according to area, but has many natural resources.
Canada has large network of industries and commercials organizations.
Canada pulls the employees and skilled workers from other region of the world to fill the vacant position within industries and other commercial sectors.
Canada has different kinds of visa categories through those it induct the highly skilled individuals.
However, among immigration visas one is Canada express entry.
This express entry program is point based immigration system.
These points are scored under personal profile like age, qualification, work experience, language ability, etc.
Canada under this system hires skilled and talented individuals for permanent residency visa.
Canada inducts these skilled and talented employees according to the needs and demands of the Canadian labor market.
Canada entertained the applicant from other region of the world who applies under these immigration programs.
The provinces and territories of this country are also eligible to hire foreign employee under this scheme through provincial nominee program.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program:

The federal skilled worker program is an ideal opportunity for skilled employees from all over the world and through this,
they can get the permanent residence of this country.
The employees are selected through point based system or eligibility. This is the swift way to get the permanent residency of this country.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program Eligibility:

The followings are some important eligibility for this program:

1. Applicant should be equipped with minimum one year relevant experience as full-time employees in his occupation in last 10 years. 
2. Applicant profession must be mentioned in Type 0, skill Level 1 or skill Level B.
3. Applicant must score at least 67 points in personal profile factors.
4. Applicant must have a job offer letter from Canadian employer verified by labor market impact assessment.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program:

This federal skilled trade program is designed for skilled individuals who are willing to settle in all parts of Canada except Quebec.
The Federal Skilled Trades Program Eligibilities:

1. Applicant should be equipped with job offer letter from the Canadian employer, province or territory prior to reach in Canada.
2. Applicant for this visa must have at least two year experience in relevant occupation as a full-time employee in last five years.
3. Applicant should have proficiency in English according to requirement.

The Canadian Experience Class:

This visa is designed for temporary foreign workers or overseas students who have completed their bachelor degree in this country and this class can changes into permanent residence. However, the prime requirement for this class is basic awareness about English or French. 

Canadian Experience Class Eligibility:

1. The applicant must have a plan settle in other than the Quebec.
2. Applicant should be equipped with three experiences as part-time or full-time in this country.

Canada Express Entry Visa General Eligibility:

1. Applicant of this skilled program entry visa demands valid English test certification, which is usually valid for two years.
2. Applicant present his Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report which should be equal to Canadian education and it is valid for next five years.
3. Applicant should submit his EOI.
4. Applicant must score at least 67 points from personal profile like age, qualification, English fluency, etc. for this visa program.
5. Applicant must provide his medical fitness certificate.

Canada Express Entry Visa Requirement:

Canada express entry visa applicant provides all require documents to visa officer for farther action.
It is necessary for the applicant that he must arrange all concerned documents prior to submission of case in the Canadian embassy.
The followings are some important and vital documents which must be submitted by the applicant.

1. Applicant must have a valid passport and its validity should be more than six months.
2. Applicant provides documented proof for having enough funds and his qualifications.
3. Provincial or territory nomination letter if required.
4. Marriage certificate for married couples.
5. Language test result in the form of  IELTS, CELPIP or TEF.
6. Educational credentials assessment result.
7. Security clearance certificate from belonging country.
8. Medical fitness certificate from recommended hospital or clinic.
9. Work experience in the form of certification from employer.

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