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Australia work visa

Australia is a new destination of international skilled and unskilled workers.
Australia has fantastic working environment and offers an outstaying salaries to skilled workers.
Australia needs overseas employees or workers in industries, agriculture and other sectors.
This country also hires work for short period for agriculture purposes.
Australia is an amazing country which has a lot of jobs and fantastic living standards that is why employees from all over the world want to visit this part of the world.
However, any overseas employees who want to work in this part of the world must have a legal document in the form of work visa for Australia.
Australia demands a valid visa to live and work in this country legally.
Australia work visa has two categories like   skilled migration visa and nominate or sponsored work visa.
The skilled migration visa is for the overseas skilled workers who fulfilled Australian labor market.
The sponsored visa sponsored by Australia employer, state authorities or government agency.

Australia Work Visa :

There are different types of work visas which are being used in Australia currently that is why all work visa have different requirements 
which should be completed by the work visa applicant. The followings are some basic and fundamental requirements for Australia work visas.
1. Applicant will prove his English proficiency through providing required IELTS score.
2. Applicant desire occupation must be included in Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
3. Applicant must have enough experience in which occupation he is going to apply.
4. Applicant skills will be checked by the authorities in Australia.
5. Applicant to work visa must have good physique and moral character.

Australia Work Visa Procedure:-

Work visa is necessary for Australian employee and these work visas are divided into different categories.
However, all working visa categories need a valid and relevant work visa to enter and work in this country.

Skilled Visa Category:

The applicant who has skill in any occupation and want to work in Australia should apply online for Australian skilled migrant visa.
The applicant for this skilled works visa submits online Expression of Interest on skillslect.
This online application is process online and gets points from different factors like age, skills, qualification, language, experience, etc.
In case applicant profile is selected then applicant will receive nomination from Australian employer or state to apply to work visa.

Sponsored Visa Category:

This work visa category demands sponsorship from Australian employer.
It is necessary that employer must be legal and approved from Australian authorities.
Applicant for this visa category can apply after getting nomination from Australian employer.
Applicant for this work visa category can apply online through nomination TRN (Transaction Reference Number).
Similarly, applicant applies thorough ID confirmation from Australian employer.
Australian work visa processing time varies from visa type to another visa type, but there are some other factor also affect the visa processing time.
The average time, which is required by this work visa is about six months to one year. The cost of work visa is also different in different work visa categories.

Skilled-Independent Visa (subclass 189):

This work visa category is famous all over the world and this work visa is without any sponsorship from state, territory, family member or employer.
The selection for this work visa is based on experience, skills and qualification. This  work visa category  provides permanent residency in Australia.
Initially applicant selects his occupation in SOL skilled occupation list and applies online EOI.
In case this application is accepted then applicant will get invitation within two months.

Skilled-Independent Visa Requirements:-

1. Applicant must score minimum 60 points in different factors like age, education, experience and language fluency according to IELTS score card. 
2. Applicant must be under 50 years of age.
3. Submit online Expression of Interest (EOI).
4. Medical fitness certificate and security clearance certificate.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

This work visa is nominated or sponsored by states that permit the visa holder to live and work in this country permanently.
Applicant initially requires state or territory nomination.
This application is applied online and request for nomination in case applicant have at least 60 scores.
In case of approval applicant will get invitation to apply within 60 days after receiving this letter.

Skilled Nominated Visa Requirements:-

1. Applicant occupation must be included in the consolidated skilled occupation list (CSOL) of Australia.
2. Applicant must have minimum 60 points for applying.
3. The age of the applicant should be under 50 years.
4. IELTS certification is required for this visa category.
5. Applicant must have required experience according to the instructions of the territory or state.
6. Applicant must submit Expression of interest.
7. Medical clearance certificate and character certificate are required.
Besides these  work visas   there are some other relevant works visas are also available like
1. Regional sponsored migration scheme visa (subclass 187)
2. Employer nominated scheme (subclass 186)
3. Skilled regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)
4. Distinguished talent visa (subclass 124)

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