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Australia Study Visa

Australia is a developed country located in continent Australia and has sound financial position because of industries and agricultural products. 
Australia encourages international workers as well as foreign students to get quality education. 
Australia is a new horizon for international students that offer an excellent education at marvelous educational institutes. 
Australia has classic schools, colleges and universities working under the supervision of the experts. 
Students from all over the world are taking keen interests in Australia educational institutes because of fantastic educational services.  
Australia is the best in education, research and provided facilities in their educational institutes. 
Australia is preferred by the overseas students because they can get education in their interested subject from any desire subject. 
This country provides fantastic living standard and job opportunities to international students.
Australia the best destination for international students.
Australia encourages overseas students in different courses offered by the famous universities or colleges.
Australia enrolls foreign students in their educational institutes and offers an excellent education through
qualified and experienced teaching staff. 
The followings are some basic attractions for international students. 

1. Australia offers various courses and subjects to overseas students.
2. Australia facilitate international student in student visa process.
3. Australia offers student health facility and hospital insurance during their stay in this country. 
4. In Australia, students are allowed to work about 40 hours in two weeks during 
course and infinite working hours after session. 
5. Australian universities are included in top ranked universities of the world. 
6. Australia provides affordable fee and other educational expenses to international students.
The followings are some important types of study visas available in different categories or courses.

1. Elicos Student Visa(570):

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (Elicos) visa is specifically designed for foreign students who
 want to start English course to enhance English skill. 
Students for this course will study full-time; applicant can invite family members if he can bear their expenses.
On completion the student can indulge in part-time work.

Basic Requirements :

There are few basic requirements for this study visa which must be fulfilled by the study visa applicant.
1. The student must be enrolled in a course with Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
2. Applicant must have enough budgets to pay his entire fee and other expenses during his stay.
3. The student must keep health insurance from Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) it offers health covers during his stay.
4. This study visa charges about 535$ while medical expenses will be directly paid by the applicant.

2. Study Visa Subclass 571:

This study visa is for those applicant visit this country for getting primary school 
course and secondary school course in exchange program. 
This course is a full-time and applicant can bring family members if he can afford their expenses.

Basic Requirements: 

1. The student must be titled with Commonwealth Register 
of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
2. Applicant for this study visa  must leave the country after completing his course.
3. Physical test must be passed by the applicant prior to apply.
4. The student should have enough money to pay fee and other charges during his stay.
5. Applicant must have relevant insurance.
6. Applicant should have English language ability required for this course.
7. Applicant will pay visa processing fee and medical examination fee.

3. Education, Training Sector Subclass 572:

This study visa is for those foreign students who want to take these course like certificate

I, II, III and IV, a VET diploma, a VET advance diploma,
a vocational graduate certificate or diploma.

Basic Requirements:

1. Applicant must have registered with Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
2. This study visa is only valid during the course and visa holder will leave the 
country after completion of course.
3. Applicant must clear his medical test and have enough funds to bear the expenses.
4. The student must have insurance from overseas student health cover.
5. Student for this course must be equipped with requires English.
6. Student for this visa will pay visa processing fee and medical charges for medical examination.
Besides these there are some other followings studies visas are also available having different requirements
4. Higher education sector (573)
5. Postgraduate research sector (574)
6. Non Award sector (575)
7. Aus. AID or Defense sector (576)
8. Training and research (402)
9. Student guardian visa (580)

Australia Study Visa Procedure:

Australia study visa applicant completes all his documentation and visa processing fee he requires a CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment) from educational institute.
Then, all these documents are submitted in native Australian embassy that will conduct interview and if there is nothing short will issue study visa.


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