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Australia Skilled Regional Visa

Australia is now leading the world in business and industries.
They encourage the foreign skilled individuals to come and join the Australian industries.
Similarly, there are a lot of jobs available in agriculture sector. 
In Australia, there are fewer number of skilled employees are available to perform these tasks, then for this they inducts skilled and
qualified staff from other parts of the world.
Australia hires the experts and seasoned workers under different visa schemes.
Australia skilled regional visa category is a temporary visa, which is arranged for skilled, experienced and expertise employees. 
However, these employees usually demanded by regional territories or some states of this country.
Australia skilled regional visa permit the visa bearer to reside and work in regional territories of this country for recommended period of four years. 
This visa category needs two conditions; one is that your occupation must be in relevant occupation list and sponsorship from territory or state.
Australia has a lot of job opportunities, but has fewer workforce to occupy the available vacant positions.
Australian government and regional authorities try to hire experienced and qualified workers from other countries
of the world to overcome the skilled employee shortage,. 
Australian government introduced different types of skilled work immigration visa schemes for foreign employees. 
These foreign employees also get different advantages later in the form of permanent residency by completing requirements of this country. 
Australian government comparatively makes easy the process of immigration to pull the skilled employees from other region of the world. 
Australia introduced provisional skilled worker visa and this visa allows the employee to live and work in this country. 
This visa later changes the status of the visa holder to permanent residency of this country. 
This visa also permits the family members of the employee to live and work in this country. 
It is necessary that this visa must be nominated by the state or territory or applicant family member living in Australia.

Australia Skilled Regional Visa Eligibility:

1. It is necessary that your occupation must be included in consolidated skilled occupation list of Australia. 
2. Applicant must score minimum 60 points in his personal profile like age, education, experience, language proficiency, etc. 
3. He must have state or territory sponsorship from Australia. 
4. Applicant should be below 50 year of age.
5. Applicant proves his English proficiency in the form of IELTS. 
6. Expression of interest from applicant.
7. Apply to state sponsorship through application.
8. Applicant will stay in state or territory for two years after awarding this visa.

Australia Skilled Regional Visa Benefits:

There are different advantages of this skilled regional visa, but there are some conditions which 
must be fulfill by the applicant prior to apply for this visa. 
However, the followings are some advantages of this skilled regional visa.
1. The skilled visa bearer can get a job and live in specific location of this country for four years validity of visa.
2. The visa holder can get admission in specific area of this country.
3. The bearer of this visa can invite his family member as a sponsor.
4. The visa holder can get the permanent residency of this country if fulfill the requirements.
5. The family member of this visa holder can take admission in specific region of the Australia for next four years.
6. The family of this visa holder can travel within this country.
7. The family of this visa holder can apply permanent visa through subclass 887.
8. Visa holder can get different social advantages from the state.

Australia Skilled Regional Visa Requirements:

Australia skilled regional visa is specifically for a particular region of the Australia, 
but the visa holder and his family can travel within country  and take admission and get a job in that limited region of Australia.
The followings are some basic requirement for this Australia skilled regional visa and
the following documents must be provided by the applicant of this visa.
1. Applicant must submit his Expression of interest.
2. Valid points test assessment report.
3. Valid and latest nominated skill assessment report.
4. Medical suitability report from the recognized medical institute.
5. Visa processing fee receipt.
6. Attested copies of personal papers like passport, character certificate, family details through authentic document.
7. Applicant must provide English fluency documented proof.
8. Applicant provides relationship with sponsor through document.

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