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Australia skilled regional migration visa scheme

Australia is a land of opportunities which offers different types of jobs to overseas employee in different capacities. 
Australian industries and other commercial organization including agriculture sector demands skilled and experienced employees from foreign and for this they have launched different types of work visa or permits. 
There is large scope in Australia for skilled employees in any occupation, but if this occupation is included in SOL list, then it has more chance to hire from Australian government.
Australian employer or regional government prefers the experienced and qualified includes from overseas to join the companies or organization and enhance the national economy of this country.
The Regional Skilled Migration Scheme is introduced for the remote employer having thin population areas. 
These employers hire skilled employees from overseas to overcome the shortage of skilled employees in their firms on permanent ground.

Australia Skilled Regional Migration Visa process:

This regional migration visa is for the remote areas employer and they hire skilled employees
from other countries to fill the gap and for this the employer initially nominate the vacant position. 
The employer then applies for regional certifying body (RCB). 
The Regional Certifying Body (RCB) evaluates the received application for vacant position and if the requirement is real, then they release certificate. 
The employee accepts this offer and applies for regional certifying body (RCB).

Australia Skilled Regional Migration Visa Advantages:

1. The Skilled regional migration visa allows the visa holder to work and live in this country.
2. The Visa bearer can take admission in school, college, university or other training courses. 
3. Visa Holder can get health benefits from the state.
4. Visa Holder can get reached to various social security benefits.
5. Visa Holder can change his status to permanent resident of this country.

How To Enter In Australia Under This Visa Category?

This Regional Skilled Migration Scheme comes under subclass 187.
This is for skilled and experienced employees who are willing to work in regional Australia. 
This visa needs two important initiative for this visa the first most important is the nomination of Australian employer who must be approved by authorities. 
Then, an application is required under this category of visa or nomination stream. 
This visa category is a part of permanent visa scheme. 
The applicant for this visa category or class can apply from within Australia or outside the Australia and applicant can apply under one of these mentioned categories.

1. The Temporary Residence Transition Stream:

This category is for 457 visa holders and who have completed his two years with an employer under the nominated category. At this moment the employer is willing to offer the same job under the temporary residence transition stream on permanent position.

2. The Direct Entry Stream:

The employee or applicant who is not eligible for temporary residence transition stream, can apply under this stream.
It is necessary that the employee is not nominated for this visa prior to this.

3. The Agreement Stream:

This is for those employees nominated by the Australian employer through labor agreement. 
However, applicant can apply through nomination from regional Australian employer.

Australia Skilled Regional Migration Visa Regions:

This visa category is specifically for limited region of the Australia from where the employer can hire the skilled employees from other part of the world, 
but they will retain in this mentioned area for their job and education.
However, these employees can travel in entire Australia. 
The followings are the regions of Australia which comes under this regional visa scheme.
1. The whole of western Region of Australia
2. The whole of South Region of Australia
3. The whole of Tasmania region
4. The whole of ACT region
5. The whole of Northern Territory of Australia
6. New South Wales all areas excluding Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong
7. Victoria all areas apart from Melbourne
8. Queensland all areas without Brisbane.

Australia Skilled Regional Migration Visa Requirements:

1. Applicant for this visa must have occupation, which is included in SOL list.
2. The applicant must have three years relevant experience in nominated occupation.
3. If the employee is hired for senior position, then the salary should be less than 250000 per year.
4. It is necessary that the employer must hire the employee on permanent ground.
5. Applicant for this visa must be under the age of 45 years.
6. The employee of this visa must have English fluency.
7. The applicant must be sponsored by the :
    Regional Australian employer exclude from excludes Brisbane,
    Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.


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