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Australia Skilled Nominated Visa

Australia is located in continent Australia and it is an emerging economy of the world.
This country is progressing swiftly because of large industries and natural resources. 
Australia pulls the skilled employees from other parts of the world on different visas categories. 
Australia has introduces different types of work permit or visa in different categories. 
Australia always tries to induct more skilled and experience workers from other part of the world. 
Australia skilled nominate visa  is a legal document that allows the overseas employee to live and work in this country on permanent ground. 
This visa is a point based, but state nominates or sponsored.
However, prior to apply this visa it is necessary to get the nomination from a state, territory government department in Australia. 
It is necessary for the applicant that he initially submits an EOI known as Expression on Interest from skill select immigration system. 
In this way applicant receives nomination from state or territory government agency. The applicant must score at least 60 points to qualify.
In case the applicant selected, then he will get ITA called invitation to apply, which is valid for 60 days.

Skilled Nominated Visa Advantages:

1. This visa provides an opportunity to live and work in this country forever.
2. This visa also permits the visa holder to study in any level like school, college, university of vocational training institute. 
3. The visa holder can get benefit of health care from state as the national of this country.
4. Visa holder can get social security advantages as the native inhabitant gets these facilities.
5. This category visa holder can apply for Australian citizenship after precise time and can change his status.

Skilled Nominated Visa Eligibility:

This visa permits the skilled workers which are nominated by the state, territory or Australian permanent resident. 
However, the applicant must have the following abilities to qualify this visa.
1. Applicant must have relevant occupation enlisted in Australian occupation list.
2. Applicant has suitable skill assessment for the occupation.
3. Applicant must score at least 60 points to clear this test, which are based on personal profile.
4. Applicant for this visa should be sponsored by the state, territory or native of this country.
5. Applicant should be below 45 years of age.
6. The applicant of this category should have fluency in English.

How To Apply Skilled Nominated Visa?

This skilled nominated visa is designed for the skilled employees having nomination from Australian employer, state or territory. 
However, when the state or territory nominates someone it means that he has some special skills or expertise.
Initially the employee or applicant of this visa checks his suitability regarding this visa.
Then, the applicant or candidate of this skilled nominated visa submits his Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect system. 
After this, applicant must check his email on the daily basis because there is no specific time for invitation after submitting this EOI.
In case your EOI is accepted by authorities, then they sent an invitation to apply for this nominated visa.
The invitation from the authority means that you have 14 days to replay this email by applying this skilled nominated visa. 
The authorities after receiving the application from the skilled employees check these applications thoroughly and then select more suitable applicant. 
In case an applicant or employee is not selected in this process, then his application will remain there for further consideration in next session.
The core demands for this skilled nominated visa are nominations from the state, territory or employer. 
The second basic demand is that the employee's occupation must be included in occupation list.

Skilled Nominated Visa Requirements:

This skilled nomination visa is nominated by the state or territory in Australia. 
This skilled nominated visa demands some requirements from the employee or applicant.
All the mentioned requirements must be fulfilled by the applicant.
1. Australia has a consolidated skilled occupation list (CSOL) and applicant occupation must be included in this list.
2. Applicant must score at least 60 points to qualify from personal profile like age, education, and work experience.
 English fluency and sponsorship letter from state or territory.
3. Applicant for this visa category should be below 50 years.
4. According to requirement applicant must clear his IELTS certificate.
5. Applicant will submit an Expression of Interest.
6. Applicant will provide health and character certificate.

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