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Australia points system CSOL

Australia is located in the Australia continent and it is famous for its industries and agriculture products. This country is amazing in job providing. Moreover, the salaries in this part of the world are outstanding. The individuals from all over the world want to settle in this country because of peaceful environment and jobs availability.
There are different ways to settle in this country and many of them belong to job or employee visa.However, the most important and prominent ways help the overseas employees who have skills and qualification can settle permanently in this country. Australia has introduced systematic point based system of immigration. In this way various skilled and expertise employee can get the immigration of this country. The applicant or candidates who want to calculate his eligibility status prior to apply.
 The applicant must needs 60 points in different personal factors like age, qualification, work experience, language fluency, etc.

The given table indicates age limit and relevant points. 

1. Age Limit And Awarded Points:

This age category provide points according to age group, but the maximum points for the age group is 30 while there is no point for the age group between 45 to 49 years. 

 18 to 24

25 Points

 25 t0 32

30 Points

 33 t0 39

25 Points

 40 to 44

15 Points

 45 to 49

0 Points

2. English (IELTS /OET) And Awarded Points:

The IELTS examination determines the position of the applicant that in which level he is standing according to language ability. 

In case applicant scores 6 bands then there is no score or point for this category.

However, if an applicant scores 7 bands, then he will get 10 points on calculator, but in case he gets 8 bands, then he will get 20 points.

Competent English IELTS 6 / OET C   

 0 points

Proficient English IELTS 7  / OET B

 10 point

Superior English  IELTS 8 /   OET A

 20 points

3.Work Experience (Overseas) And Awarded Points:

The applicant for this visa when has three to about five years experience in his relevant occupation, then he gets 5 points,
while if he has an experience from five to less than eight years then the will be awarded 10 points.
However, the employee has an experience that is eight to about ten years he will get 15 points.

 At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years)

5 points

 At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years)  

10 points


At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years)       

15 points


4. Work Experience (Australian) And Awarded Points:

 In case the employee has an experience in Australia that is from one to three years in last ten years, then he will get 5 points.
The experience between three to five years offers 10 points, the five to eight years expectance provides 15 points,
but eight to ten years award 20 points. 

One to three years (of past 10 years)

5 points

Three to five years (of past 10 years)

10 points

 Five to eight years (of past 10 years)

15 points

Eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years)

20 Points


5. Educational Qualification and Awarded Points:

There are different points in different education levels like doctorate degree offers 20 points, bachelor to master degree
award 15 points and diploma from Australia provides 10 points. 

Doctorate from an Australia  

20 points

At least a Bachelor degree according to Australian standard.

15 points

Diploma completed in Australia

10 points

6. Australian Study Qualifications Awarded Points:

Diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution

5 points

7. Other Factor And Awarded Points:

Credentialed community language qualifications

5 points

Study in regional Australia or metropolitan area

5 points

Partner skill qualifications

5 points

Professional Year completion, for a period of at least  12 months in the four year


8. Nomination/Sponsorship And Awarded Points:

In case the applicant gets sponsorship from state or territory, then he will get 5 points. 
In case employee has sponsored by family member living in Australia or nominated by the state gets 10 points.

State or Territory government (visa subclass 190 only)

 5 points

Nomination by State or Territory government or  sponsorship by an
eligible family member, from Australia  (visa subclass 489 only)

 10 points

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