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Australia Permanent Residence Visa

Australia is an island located in continent Australia and it is a multicultural country having inhabitants from all over the world.
This country has different types of environmental conditions in different region of the country.
Australia is a new emerging economy of this continent because of fantastic industrial network. Australia is also ahead in agriculture and dairy products throughout the world.
The fantastic living standard, educational system and best job opportunities encourage the overseas people to get residence of this country.
Individuals from all over the world who has skills, qualification and experience want to settle permanently in this country. 
Australia always encourage and welcomes skilled and experts immigrants from all other countries who can enhance the national economy of this country.
This country offers permanent residency to foreign individuals, but having expertise which are required in this country.
Australia has different types of residence or immigration visa
for overseas applicant who wants to settle in this country permanently.
Australia specifically announced two major types of permanent residence visas.
The prime residence visa categories are Subclass 189 visa and Subclass 190 visa.
Australian permanent residence visa is awarded through point based system.
This point based system inducts the foreign immigrants on merit by awarding points in different categories or segments.
This point immigration system is basically launched to check the suitability about this permanent Australian residence visa. 
This point system, which is designed for inducting more qualified individuals from all over the world, has different point's factors. 
This point based system is divided into few basic features like age, language skill, work experience, education and topography.

AUS Permanent Residency Visa Advantages:

Australia is an amazing country of the world which offers classic living and working environment to immigrants
according to their qualification, skills and experience.
Moreover, this country has peaceful living conditions. 
The core and important advantage of this country is that the immigrant has equal human rights as native of the country have.
There are few basic and fundamental advantages of permanent residence visa are as follows.
1. The permanent residence visa holder can live and work in this country forever.
2. The permanent residence visa bearer have multiple entries in his first five years and after
this if the applicant fulfilled all requirements,
then visa will be renewed.
3. This permanent residence visa can lead to citizenship of this country, but after completing all needed requirements.
4. The permanent residence has equal rights on health and other social services.
5. The visa holder of this category can bring his family members if he carries out the settled needs.
6. This visa also offers Australian consular support to residence visa holder if required.
7. The permanent residence visa bearer can live, study and work in New Zealand if that country permits in this regard.
8. The permanent residence visa possessor kids will be considered Australian national according to the native rule of this country.

AUS Permanent Residence Visa Requirements:

Australia permanent visa is a legal document that allows the visa owner to live and work in this country as native people do. 
However, this permanent residence visa needs few essential documents from the residence visa applicant.

1.Required Documents:

The basic documents for this residence visa like academic documents, travelling documents, physical fitness certification, 
English ability test reports IELTS and skill assessment statement from relevant authority.

2.Select Right Type Of Visa:

It is necessary for the applicant that he must pick right kind of visa from available visas like Subclass 189,
 Subclass 190 and Subclass 186. All these visas have their own specific requirements.

3.Picking Right Occupation From SOL:

Australia offers a skilled occupation list (SOL) in which occupations are enlisted which are available in this country and it
 is necessary for the permanent residence visa applicant that he must pick an occupation in which he has experience and qualification.

4.Point Based System Application:

Age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency and some other factors award points and it is necessary that an applicant 
must secure minimum 60 points to qualify. If an applicant has more than required point, then he has more qualifying probability.

How to apply AUS Permanent Residence Visa:

In case the applicant receives positive response from Australian authorities, then he will apply for preferred visa.
Then, fill out the visa application form and annex all required documents with it and filed at the immigration office within two months of invitation letter.
Applicants who want to check their chance of for permanent residency (PR) in Australia, then press the Qualify button.

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