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Australia Partner Visa

Australia is an amazing country of the world that encourages and welcomes thousands of foreign individuals in different capacities.
Moreover, due to develop country of the world it offers fantastic job opportunities. 
This country is ahead in inducting more skilled or qualified workers from other region of the world.
The prevailing visas have some restrictions regarding the stay or invitation of life partner, but some visas allows the partner to come and live with his/her partner. 
Australia has introduced different types of visas in different categories and under these categories they induct skilled workers, expertise, immigrant, permanent citizen, family immigration, etc.
The partner visa is one of them that permit the partner or spouse to enter in this country in this visa and stay. 
The permanent resident of this country or citizen can invite their spouse from abroad to live with partner, husband or wife.
This Australian partner visa  is comes under the subclass 309 and 100 visa. 
The Australian citizen or resident can invite his/her partner in Australia and he/she can live with them in this country.
The legal New Zealand citizen cal also be applied for this partner visa.
This partner visa is a temporary visa that only allows the partner to live in this country temporarily until the issuing of permanent visa.

How To Apply For Australia Partner Visa?

The applicant who is going to apply for this partner visa must have married or de facto relationship, but it should be minimum one year old. 
In this case,  the applicant can apply for this visa, but this partner visa is issued on temporarily. 
The visa holder can live in this country on this ground until he/she gets permanent visa of this country. 
On this visa applicant remains in Australia for two years and then provides other required documents for subclass 309 visa. 
In case the applicant documents are up to the requirements and then applicant get permanent visa like subclass 100 permanent partner visa of this country.

Australia Partner Visa Advantages Of Subclass 100:

1. This visa permits the visa holder to live in this country for indefinitely.
2. Applicant for this visa can take part in work during his study in Australia.
3. The visa holder can get medical facility form Australian scheme.
4. This visa also allows the visa holder to apply for permanent citizen after specific time. 
5. This visa also permits the visa holder to leave the country and reenter without any hurdle. 
6. Visa holder can sponsor overseas to this country on this behalf.

Australia Partner Visa Requirements:

This partner visa is designed for those applicant who has married or de facto relationship 
with Australian citizen.
However, there are some basic requirements for this visa which must be fulfilled by the applicant. 

1. The partner must be Australian citizen or permanent resident of this country. 
2. The partner may be a legal citizen of New Zealand.
3. The applicant for this visa must be outside this country.
4. A partner visa will be awarded if your partner is a legal citizen of this country. 
5. In case of de facto relation you must have relation with that partner for minimum one year.
6. Applicant must have good character and physique.
7. Applicant do not have any debts against him.
There are two main classes of partner visas like subclass 309 and subclass 100.
These classes have their own requirements and conditions.

Partner Visa (Subclass 309):

This is temporary visa and it may be the initial step to get the residency in this country.
It is recommended for spouse, de facto partner of Australian permanent resident,
citizen of this country and legal New Zealand native living in Australia.
This visa is applied when the applicant is away from the Australia.
This visa is suitable for that Australian applicant who have legal married, or going to marry in coming days or have de facto partner for more than one year.

Australia Partner Visa (Subclass 100):

This partner visa is a permanent visa  that allows the partner of Australian citizen, permanent resident or new Zealand citizen to live in this country.
This applicant or holder of subclass 309 can apply for this visa. 
It is the most suitable visa if you have already subclass 309 visa. 
Moreover, applicant must clear his assessment test arranged by Department of immigration for this visa.


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