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Australia Employer Nomination Visa Scheme

Australia a new commercial hub of continent Australia that requires different types of skilled and expertise individuals from other countries of the world.
These skilled employees are required in different industries and agricultural sectors.
There are different ways to enter in Australia for employment. 
Australian government always tries to induct more skilled, qualified, experienced and hard workers for their industries or jobs. 
Australian employer for this employment sponsors the skilled employee from overseas to fill the vacant position in this country and get the benefit of his expertise.
This skilled visa permits the visa holder to live and work in this country, but for this he must prove his suitability. 
This visa demands two important conditions from the employee those to clear his skill test and nomination from the Australian employer. 
There are three main categories of this visa through those an applicant can enter in this country.
The followings are three main routes to enter in this country on this visa category.
However, all the followings categories for this visa demands different requirements from the applicant. 
Similarity, these categories also have different conditions which bounds the employee or applicant to fulfill the needs of that particular category.

The Temporary Residence Transition Stream:

This stream is designed for those employees who are at this moment in
Australia and Working on Temporary Skilled Visa Subclass 457.
It is necessary that he must have completed two years with his nominating employer and currently he is offering permanent position in that job.
It is necessary that the employee must have valid temporary residence transition stream.

The Direct Entry Scheme:

This direct entry stream is designed for the individual who has never or short time work in this country.
The residence, who equipped a subclass 457 visa, but do not applies for temporary residence transition stream and apply for this Direct Entry Scheme. 
Moreover, applicant can directly apply for this visa from outside this country.

The Agreement Stream:

This scheme is for those applicant having temporary work visa subclass 457, but sponsored by an Australian employer by labor agreement. 
However, applicant for this visa class must be fulfilled the requirements like age, skills and English proficiency according to agreement.

How To Apply This Australian Employer Nomination Visa?

This visa scheme demands that applicant must fulfill demands of this visa scheme prior to apply for this visa. 
It is necessary for the applicant that he must meet the requirement of subclass 186 visas and the stream in which he is going to apply. 

This visa permits the visa holder to work in this country in any one of the followings streams. 

1. The Temporary Residence Transition Stream

2. The Direct Entry Stream

3. The Agreement Stream

After this, the employer files an application under subclass 186 visa. 
The employer filed nomination on the behalf of the employee in the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA). 
The employer must file this case within six months of the nomination approval.
The applicant must ready all his relevant or required documents for this subclass.
The applicant also deposit visa processing fee along with submission documents through credit card. 
The authority takes few months to take decision on this application. 
On the approval of this visa the applicant can initiate work in this country.

Australian Employer Nomination Visa Rights:

There are different advantages of this Australian employer nomination visa
as compare to other available visas of this country. 
This nominated visa offers different benefits to employee from this country and employers like.
1. The nominated employee will live and work in this country permanently ground. 
2. The nominated employee can get health benefits from Medicare.
3 The nominated employee can get social security advantages from Australia.
4. The holder of this visa has right to apply for permanent citizenship of the behalf of this current visa.

Australian Employer Nomination Visa Requirements:

1. Applicant occupation must be included in the SOL list.
2. Applicant for this employer nominated visa must have minimum three years experience.
3. Applicant must be sponsored by the Australian employer on permanent basis.
4. Applicant for this visa should have skills or expertise, which is required in Australia according to SOL list.
5. The applicant of this visa must be below 45 years of age.
6. Applicant must have English fluency.

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