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Australia Contributory Parent Visa

Australia is the best country for accommodation and jobs. This country offers best jobs opportunities to skilled and unskilled individuals
 in different categories. There are different legal ways to settle in this country.
There are different categories of visa which inducts
 the overseas people to come in this country.
Similarly the citizen of this country, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen can bring his parents and settle permanently in this country.
However, for parent visa demands some basic requirement from the sponsor or parents to get the permanent citizenship of this country.
The visa process fee will be paid by the applicant; similarly medical examination fee will also be paid by the applicant.
The followings are some condition for the parent who is coming in this country of this category of visa.
1. Parents are eligible if their half or more than half children are living in this country as compare to any other country of the world.
However, it is also necessary that they must be there two years prior to submission of this application. 
2. The parent in case of male must be 65 years while woman age limit is calculated from their date of birth. 
3. Parent requires a sponsoring child who must be Australian citizen, permanent resident of this country or eligible citizen. 
4. Applicant must be free from any sort of outstanding debts to Australian government. 
5. This parent visa allows the settler to live and work in this country forever. 
6. The settler under this visa category can get benefit from health sector.

Australia Contributory Parent Visa Classes:

Australia contributory parent visa is divided into four major classes and all these classes have their own specific requirements.
Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand national can apply under any one of the following category for their parents visa.

1. Subclass 173 Parent Visa:

This visa category for  Australian parent visa  offer temporary stay for two years.
Parent under this visa category can live their child if he is Australian national, permanent resident of Australia and New Zealand national living in Australia.
Moreover, it is necessary for the child that he must sponsor his parents.
Applicant will also pay the visa processing fee also needs health and moral character certification.

2. Subclass 143 Parent Visa:

In case the sponsor is Australian national, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen living in Australia can sponsor parent and this visa permit the parent to stay permanently in this country.
It is also vital for the parent that they must have temporary visa subclass 173.
It is compulsory for the applicant that he must pay visa processing fee and fulfill other demands like health fitness certification.

3. Subclass 884 Parent Visa:

This visa permits the visa holder to stay in this country for two years.
It is necessary for the parent that at the time of visa application he must be in this country.
Moreover, the applicant will also provide visa processing fee, health fitness certificate and moral or charter certificate.
The main condition for this visa category is that the applicant must be Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand national settled in Australia.

4. Subclass 864 Parent Visa:

This visa also allows the parents to live with their child if he is the national of this country.
This visa allows the visa holder to stay in this country permanently.
It is necessary for the parents that should be in this country when this case is filed.
The sponsor of this application that usually their child must pays visa processing fee and other requirement of this application.

Australia Contributory Parent Visa Requirements:

This parent visa for Australia demands some fundamental requirements from the applicant prior to issue this type of visa.
The followings are some most basic requirements which must be fulfilled by the applicant.
1. Applicant at the submission of this case must be outside Australia.
2. Applicant contains temporary visa 173.
3. Applicant’s half or more than these children are living in this country legally for two years prior to submitting case. 
4. The sponsor for parent visa must be Australian citizen permanent resident or legal new Zealand citizen.
5. Applicant does not have any outstanding debts of this government. 
6. Applicant deposit visa processing fee prior to visa application submission.


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