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Australia Child Visa

Australia is a civilized country of the world and offers different legal ways to enter in this country for emplacement or immigration. 
Australian legal citizen and permanent resident and New Zealand citizen can invite and accompanied their partner and de facto partner with them.
Similarly these citizens can also sponsor their parents and other family members.
These citize and legal citizen of this country can also sponsor their children. 
However, in case of child visa the sponsor must be their paren who must be Australian citizen,

Australian permanent resident visa  holder or eligible New Zealand citizen.
In case of spouse or de facto partner of child's parent want to sponsor, then they should have Australian citizenship or 
Australian permanent resident visa or they must be an eligible New Zealand citizen.
The followings are different types of child visas which are applicable in different conditions, but the aim is the same.
All these visas categories provide the right to child belonging to Australian parent to live and work in this country.

Australian Child Visa 101:

The child who has both or at least one parent belong to this country has legal right to get visa. 
In this scenario the child can live with their parents in Australia. 
To claim on this visa the applicant must be less than 18 years and born outside this territory means Australia. 
application for this visa will be started from home country, but child must be away from Australia at the time of case submitting.

Australian Child Visa 102:

If Australian parent adopt a child from outside the premises of Australia then this case will be discussed under the subclass. 
The adopted child must be less than 18 years and born outside this country. 
The visa process will be initiated at the native country.
These adoptive parent will prove that they have enough funds and can support this child properly in this country.

Australian Child Visa 802:

The child who is at this moment in Australia and looking for extension on his existing visa which belong to this category. 
The parent of this child must be in Australia and they must sponsor the child during his stay in this country. 
The parent of this child will apply for this visa on the behalf of the child who is less than the 18 years.

Australian Child Visa 445:

The parents who are on their temporary partner visa can enroll the child on this visa. 
The parents can also add the name of the child on permanent resident visa application. 
In this case, the child should be below 18 years of age and dependent on their parents.
Then, this child is eligible for this visa along with his parents.

Australia Child Visa Onshore Requirements:

There are few restriction regarding the child visa which must be fulfill by the child sponsors those are usually child parent. 
However, the followings requirements must be required for this visa.
1. Child is in Australia, which is concerned.
2. Child must be single.
3. Child must be sponsored by the Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand inhabitant.
4. Child is less than 18 and who is not, adopted.
5. Adopted child, but he was less than 18 when adopted.
6. Adopted when he was under 18 years.
7. The child is between 18 and 25, but he is full-time student.
8. More than 18 and cannot work because of disability and depends on their sponsoring parent. 

Australia Child Visa Advantages:

1. Australia child visa offers facility to live in this country forever.
2. Australia child can work in this country freely.
3. This child can get the benefits of free health care.
4. This visa also offer right to apply for permanent citizenship after specific time.
5. This visa holder can invite his relatives on this visa behalf.

Australia Child Visa Offshore Requirements:

This visa category allows the children to live with Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible new Zealand native.
1. The concerned child must be outside the country at the time of application.
2. The child can be sponsored by mentioned people.
3. The child must be single means without any other relative.
4. The child must be less than 18 years of age.
5. Adopted child when he was less than 18 years.
6. In case full-time student he must be 18 to 25 years.
7. The child is 18 years old, but disable and cannot work, but dependent on parent. 

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