USA Business Visa

The United States is top economy of the world because of natural resources and large industries.This part of the world encourages the investors and industrialist to invest in the US industries and businesses.They welcome overseas business communities and investors to visit this country on their business visa.This country offers the best opportunities to invest in running businesses or establish your own new business.The United States offers business and investment community non immigrant and immigrant visa.However, this non immigrant visa facilitates the investors or businessman to switch over their business, trade or investment from other part of the world to the United States.The US is best for business because of huge consumption of goods and it has comparatively flexible taxation system.The United States is leading in different industries like computer, medical, aerospace and military apparatus.There is a huge scope for foreigner investors and businessmen to invest and developed industries.The followings are some important business visas.

E1- (Treaty Trader visa) visa and E-2 (Investor visa):

These E1 and E2 visa are those citizen of the countries which have treaties with other countries in different sectors like commerce, navigation in multinational banking, insurance, transportation, tourism and communication.The applicant who is concerned with these sectors and belongs to the country, which has treaty with the United States regarding in mentioned sectors.If the applicant is willing to invest in running business in the United States or he has a desire to create a new business in the United States.

The E1 Visa Eligibility:

The followings are some basic requirements which are necessary for the E1 treaty trade visa.
1. The applicant of this visa must belong to the country that has treaty trade or business  with the United States.
2. Applicant of this visa should be connected with the trading firm which belongs to treaty country.
3. It is necessary that the trade must be ongoing and on large scale.
4. It is also necessary that the trade between these two countries like the United States and treaty country must be over 50%.
5. The applicant for this visa must have executive position and have expertise in company or firm.

The E2 Visa Eligibility:

1. The investor, partnership or corporate unit must belong to the country which has treaty with the United States.
2. In a business minimum 50% of business should be possessed by the individual of the country had a treaty with the United States.
3. The provided or invested amount must be enough for running the business successfully.
4. The generated revenue should be enough than the needs of the investor and it positively enhances national economy of this country.
5. The amount or capital of investment belongs to the personal fund of the investor and not borrowed as a loan.

The United States Investor Visa:

This investor visa is for the foreign investors who want to invest their own assets without any assistance from loan but the amount must be  $1,000,000 (U.S.); or $500,000 (U.S.) in a high-unemployment or rural area.It is necessary to international investor that he must provide minimum ten national of this country. Moreover, the employees should be other than the investor and investor family members.The investor visa is divided into four major categories.
1. Employment creation outside a targeted area – C5
2. Employment creation in a targeted rural/high unemployment area – T53. Investor Pilot Program not in a targeted area – R54. Investor Pilot Program in a targeted area – I5

Investor Visa Requirements:

1. Applicant or investor must pay the investor visa processing fee, which is currently $1,500 and received by USCIS.
2. Medical and other charges will be paid by the investor.
3. Expenditures for paper translation, documents copies required for this visa.
4. Valid passport of the investor who is going to invest in this country.
5. Police or security clearance certificate from the belonging country.

Visit US (B1/B2 Visa):

The United States introduced this B1/B2 visa for non immigrant for the individual who has a plan to visit this country as tourist, joining friends and relatives,business or taking part in social events.There are few tasks which should be not allowed for overseas visit visa holder like study, employment, performance in front or paid audience.Landing as a member of crew on ship, foreign press worker and live as a permanent resident of this country.This visa processing time is different according to applicant belonging of country.