United Kingdom Ancestry Visa

The United Kingdom is a historic country of the Europe and it pulls the millions of foreign employees and skilled labor from other countries.This country offers different immigration or visas to overseas.
The one of them is an ancestry visa, which is specifically designed for the commonwealth citizens. The individual whose forefather has been British citizen or commonwealth citizen are eligible for this visa. The ancestry visa allows the visa holder cans every job in the United Kingdom and there are no limitations as the work permit has.However, it is necessary for this visa applicant that he must prove his relationship and this relationship needs birth certificates and marriage certificates, etc.The prime restriction for this visa holder is that he will survive in this country without the public fund utilization and ready to work. There is a chance from the United Kingdom employer job offer for employment.
The visa holder who has spent five years in this country can apply for Permanent Residence  while fulfill other requirements. However, your stay must be without any break for five years in the United Kingdom.
This ancestry visa is for those individuals who claim their ancestry with British and then prove this through proper and valid documents. The applicant in this regard presents the birth certificates of their parents, grandparents and their marriage certificates and other relevant documents. Once his claim is accepted by the British authorities, then he secures an ancestry visa that permit applicant and his family members to live and work in this country.
The British ancestry visa allows the visa holder to work and reside in this country for five years. After five years, this visa may extend or applicant can apply for indefinite leave to remain. This visa cannot convert into another visa while you are in the United Kingdom. The ancestry visa holder can carry on his studies in this country because universities accept this visa as valid document. Applicant for this visa cannot apply for this visa for more than three months of his plan to depart.The processing time for this visa is about three weeks.

The United Kingdom Ancestry Visa Eligibility:

The followings are some basic eligibility for the applicant who is going to, apply on this United Kingdom ancestry visa program.
1.The applicant must be a citizen of commonwealth citizen.
2. Applicant must be over 17 years of age at the time of application filing.
3. Applicant is allowed to work in the United Kingdom after visa is sanctioned.
4. Applicant must have enough funds to support yourself and family members if he/she has accompanied.
5. Applicant will indicate minimum of his grandparents who were born in the United Kingdom including Channel Islands and the Isle of Man or prior to 31 March 1922.
6. This visa category permits the visa holder to work and live in this country for five years.

The UK Ancestry Visa Process:

The applicant who is looking for this ancestry visa for the United Kingdom will not apply during his stay in this country. It is necessary for this applicant that he must return to his native country and then apply for this visa through applicationalong with supporting documents. Initially the applicant applies for this ancestry visa through online and then submits all neededdocuments at the nominated Visa Application Centre (VAC) in your native country.

The UK Ancestry Visa Requirements:

The United Kingdom administration also allows the individuals holding ancestry visa.This visa is awarded to those applicants  who have proved that his forefather belongs to this country and for this he will provide different types of documents.
The followings are some important and necessary documents which are required for this visa.
1. Applicant’s detailed verified birth certificate.
2. Applicant’s marriage certificate if he is married.
3. Detailed birth certificates of the parent and grandparent through whose ancestry applicant’s making his application.
4. Marriage certificates of parents and grandparents.
5. Legal documents in case applicant’s pr his parents were adopted.
6. Applicant’s applies for this visa from the country where he is living.
7. Passport of the applicant which must be valid and other relevant traveling documents.
8. Passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
9. Bank statement or other documents that prove you have enough funds to support yourself in the United Kingdom.