Privacy Policy

This website is running under strict privacy policy of its management regarding information, which is shared by our valuable visitors.

Personal data and information This website is a fantastic regarding the immigration, visa, citizenship and other related matters.

The visitors of this website get current information about the visa policy, immigration rules and study visa details.

We have experts and competent team that regularly update this website and facilitate the visitors in their search.

In case visitors of this website needs other relevant details or have any confusion, then he/she can leave the message or query regarding their matter.

However, for this they must provide their email, contact number, mailing address and other basic information.

However, if the visitors want to share his/her information or identification to, then we will retain this information only within our database.

This information’s will not be shared with anyone else.

Non-personal data and information Our website also collect non personal data or information if someone launch question or query regarding visa, immigration or other related matters.

This non personal information are about browser name, computer type or other technical details like operating detail, internet service source, etc.

Why we collect information? Although this website provide latest information about immigration and other related matters, but if someone wants to get more information, then he/she sends or leave message.

In this way this website can collect the data of the individual.

The provided data will be helpful to improve the website services, we may know your experiences about this website and feedback will help overcome deficiencies.

In this way we will be able to send message about your question.

However, we secure your data and that will be not exposed with any other person or organization, which is our strict policy.

Privacy policy changes Our management if we need to change the privacy policy of this website then we will inform our visitors with that change and update through email.

It is necessary for the visitors that you have to check this privacy policy from time to time and get latest information in this regard.

Contacting us In case visitors have a question, query or issue about privacy Policy, the performance of this website or any other relevant matter then please contact us at: