New Zealand Refugee Family Support Visa

New Zealand is located in the Australian continent and it is developed country of the world. 
New Zealand has fantastic infrastructure and peaceful living environment. 
Moreover, this country welcomes skilled employees from other countries of the world to overcome the skilled labor shortage.
New Zealand introduced different types of work permits as well as immigration categories for overseas individuals.
Similarly, New Zealand also offers refugee family support visa and this visa permit the family of the refugee
to live with them and settle permanently in this country. 
In this visa category New Zealand offers 300 visas holder to settle in this art of the world each year. 
This refugee visa processes is divided into three stages.

Applicant Registered As A Sponsor:

The first and important step for this refugee visa is to register yourself as a sponsor of your
family against three hundred valid places of refugee visas.The registration is selected by the authorities according to immediate needs of the family to bring 
that particular family in this country under Tier 1 scheme.
In case there are places available, then Tier 2 category is selected although they have fewer needs
to shift in this country from their native country.In case the sponsor registration in New Zealand is selected under Tier 1 or Tier 2
category and they fulfill all the requirements and then the family members can apply for residence under this family support visa program.

Tier 1 Sponsorship Eligibility:

The followings are some vital and necessary eligibility for the sponsor person who is sponsoring his refugee family from New Zealand.

1. Applicant should be in New Zealand and has New Zealand citizenship. He must have residence permit residence class visa or has granted residence in New Zealand on the basis of your status as a refugee in this country. 

2. Sponsor should be over 18 years of age.

3. You do not have any other family person who is entitled, to be sponsored under any other residence category.

4. You have not effectively sponsored under the Refugee Family Support Category prior to this time.

Tier 2 Sponsorship Eligibility:

1. Applicant should be in New Zealand and has New Zealand citizenship. Applicant having residence permit residence class visa or has granted residence in New Zealand on the basis of your status as a refugee in this country before sponsoring family members.

2. You should be over 18 years of age at the time of sponsoring.

3. You have gotten this status of residence in this country because of refugee status. 

4. It is necessary that you have passed 184 days or more than this in this country in each of those three years prior to submitting an application for registration.

Registration Process For Tier 1 Sponsors:

1. The applicant under this Tier 1 can sponsor their parents, grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, adult sibling or adult child.

2. This registration is done on the proper family support visa program tier.

3. The registration should be done by mail to be mentioned address on valid registration form.

4. Applicant must deposit require registration fee.

Selection Process For Tier 1 Sponsors:

1. Registration will be picked from Tier 1 category according to sequential order from the date that the registration.

2. In case the number of applications for Tier 1 is increased against the available places then authorities delay the further registrations until positions are available in next annual session.

3. The sponsors of Tier 1 registration will be entertained in this category and if made any changes, then inform the New Zealand authorities. 

4. The New Zealand authorities will inform the sponsor regarding the registration success in case of his registration is selected. Sponsors must inform the successful applicants whom they  are sponsoring to submit application under this category at receiving office on INZ.  This application will be accepted within 12 months of the notification and after this period the application will not be entertained.

Registration Process For Tier 2 Sponsors:

1. The eligible sponsors for Tier 2 can registered their parents, adult sibling or adult child, or grandparent under this category.

2. The New Zealand authority will advertise this registration under this category prior to open this category that places are open. 

3. This registration must be done through recommended registration form.

4. Registration should be on proper registration form and it should be submitted during the valid period of registration.

5. A fee for this registration must be paid by the sponsored.

Selection Process For Tier 2 Sponsors:

1. Registration will be picked by the authorities under sequential order from the date that the registration.

2. If the applications are more than the places available, then there will be no new registration is done until the clearance of previous registration. 

3. The sponsor will must be informed the authorities if he made any change in registration. 

4. The authorities will inform the sponsor if his registration is successful, then the sponsors will advice the applicant to submit proper application at receiving office of INZ.