New Zealand Business Visa

New Zealand is the most comfortable and developed country. This country encourages and welcomes overseas business community to come and invest in this country projects.This business visa encourages the international businessmen to increase the economy of this country. This country legally supports the overseas investor to invest in running businesses or establish new business. 
This foreign investment indicates that this country is enhancing its economy and that is why it is third the best country in the
world according to investment point of view or businesses establishment.This country provides facility to international investors in the form of taxation. New Zealand offers the best business opportunities, business starts up facilities, relaxation in licensing and other general ease.New Zealand encourages international businessmen to invest their money in new projects or running businesses and for this they provide the best facilities. There are different types of business visa categories for New Zealand.

New Zealand Investor Visa:

The foreign investor can get permanent residence visa after investment in business under investor plus categories. This visa is valid for two years. There are two types of investor visas investor plus and investor visa.

1. Investor Plus Visa:

This category demands to invest minimum 10 million NZ$ and secure residence in this country.The investment should be jointly owned by applicant and his partner.The assets must not from mortgage or lien. The investment should be legal and ethical. The investment funds should be transferred through banking system. The funds should be reached with one year of visa approval.

2. Investor Visa:

This category demands to invest 1.5 million NZ$ and secure residence of this country.Applicant or investor should be below 65 years and invited through EOI. The investor should have minimum three years business experience. The investment capital should not be from Mortgage and investor must stay for 146 days in this country single year.It is necessary for the investor to prove his English skill through IELTS.

Temporary Retirement Category:

The investors whose age is 66 years old or more than this and he wants to invest 0.75 million NZ$ in New Zealand for two years, then he can get the residency of this country.This invested money should not belong to mortgage and assets should be legal.All funds should be reached in New Zealand through banking channels.

Long-Term Business Visa:

In case an applicant who wants to create his own business in New Zealand then he can apply under this visa category. On approval of this visa the applicant must buy or establish new business in this part of the world. It is necessary for the applicant to provide plan and its execution. Applicant must have enough funds for support yourself and family in this country.

Entrepreneur Visa:

In case investor positively taking part in his long-term business and enhancing national economy of this country,then he can apply for Entrepreneur category visa. Applicant for this visa should be good in moral character and physique.He has good English skill and prove it through band 4 IELTS.

Relocating With Employer:

If an employee is working in an organization and they launched their business in New Zealand, then the employee can apply for this visa category.In starting this visa is released for two years and that applicant can apply for residence in this country. The applicant should belong to relocating business in this country and not entitled for any other residence visa category.Applicant keenly wants to work in this country.In case applicant wants to invite his family members, then they must have good English skill.

New Zealand Business Visa Requirements:

There are few basic and fundamental requirements for this business visa and that is investment, which is different in different visa categories.However, most importantly the investment capital should not belong to mortgage.Moreover, the followings are some basic requirements for this business visa:

1. Visa application is necessary for this visa and required Form INZ 1017 and it should be duly filled out.
2. Applicant for this visa must provide passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
3. Applicant passport must be valid and other relevant traveling documents along with application.
4. Medical clearance certificate containing X-rays indicate that your health is up to the standard.
5. Security clearance certificate from the bludgeoning country.